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Polka Dot Rugs for Kids Can Really Brighten Up a Bedroom

Updated on June 18, 2011

Polka Dot Rugs for Kids are Fun

 Polka dots are great fun, it's difficult to look at them without feeling happy, which makes Polka Dot Rugs a great way to brighten up a bedroom.

The term polka dots refers to a structured pattern of dots, generally equally spaced, on any surface, and items decorated with polka dots are generally done so to add a fun element to that item, such as polka dot shoes, bags bedding.

The addition of a polka dot rug to a room, especially a kids bedroom adds a great splash of color and a quirky element which kids find irresistible.

The range of rugs available is almost as great at the colours of the polka dots themselves, there are bright multi-colored ones, stylish black and white ones, and even monogrammed ones - which means there's certainly going to be one to suit your purposes. 

Pink Polka Dot Rugs

Pink Polka Dot rugs range from subtle baby pink designs to brilliantly bright creations.

At the value end of the market there is the really attractive 100% cotton, machine washable Tiddliwinks Pink Dots rug which has dots forming circles forming patterns all over the place. This is particularly great if you're looking to redecorate a room as there are of matching accessories in the same design.

For a slightly more retro how about the interconnecting pink and green circles rug by Jojo designs. Also machine washable this 30"x36" rug has a non slip backing for additional safety, plus other bedroom accessories in the same design.

If you want something with a pretty feel then the Circo Polka Dot Rug is perfect. It's larger at 70" x 48", and is probably best suited to the rooms of very tidy kids as it's spot clean only.

For another alternative there is the white dot on pink background of the Rug Markets 2'8" x 4'8" rug and the very pretty Bloom in Pink rug also by the Rug Market.

Blue Polka Dot Rugs

 Many of those rugs available in pink are also available in blue, including the Tiddliwinks one and a white dots on blue background one from The Rug Market, but there are also others.

The half moon shaped one from Blancho Bedding is machine washable, non skid and looks so soft you just want to sink your toes into it.

Then there's the fun InterDesign Glee rug with its mix of green and blue polka dots, or the closely placed dots of Magazine 17's white on blue rug.

More Polka Dot Rugs

The great thing thing about Polka Dot Rugs for Kids is they come in a multitude of colors such as the yellow polka dot rug by Blancho Bedding, the multi-colored dots of The Rug Market or the black and white version by Allure Home Fashions.


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