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Pool Design

Updated on December 17, 2015
The tip of the iceberg...
The tip of the iceberg... | Source

Pools are now a common feature of backyards across the world, with the standard rectangular, circular and kidney-shaped outlines with white tiling now widespread. Homeowners are increasingly looking for design options that set their pool apart from the myriad of others and allows them to make a personal style statement.

Manufacturers of custom polls are spoiling them for choice – there are no excuses for having a boring pool anymore.

Remember, this is not the whole pool.
Remember, this is not the whole pool. | Source

Pool interior

The interior tiling of a pool can transform the look of an entire backyard – even an old pool may be transformed by changing its tiling.

Concrete may be dyed in an assortment of colors to achieve a particular look. Glass is also a popular choice for its sheer range of colors and hues. Both concrete and glass tiles offer a virtually limitless range of color and design patterns to be incorporated into a pool’s appearance. Concrete may also be stamped to achieve an extensive range of textures and styles.

Look at!
Look at!
Mmmmm...bluuuue | Source


The exact tint and hue of a pool is not controlled solely by its tiling – the water in the pool also plays a significant part. Many people are surprised to learn that the shade of the water may be controlled and adjusted to achieve the appearance that the homeowner desires.

The color of the above-water tiling may also be adapted to the surrounding area or even the tiling of the house itself so there is a seamless transition between the interior of the house and the pool area.

For an even more stunning effect, custom in-pool lighting may be installed. The latest of these allows for the color of the light to be controlled to suit your mood.

Together, the color of the lighting, water and the tiles outside can transform an otherwise ordinary pool into a veritable work of art. Pool designers are master of color theory and can suggest the exact material and shade required to suit your needs.

A contrast of white tiling so you won't get lost between pool and house.
A contrast of white tiling so you won't get lost between pool and house.
Look, a gigantic violin! Let me play it. Splash!
Look, a gigantic violin! Let me play it. Splash!

Pool size and shape

There are no design limitations when it comes to pool shape and size other than the inherent size and layout of the area where it is being installed.

Whereas the classic rectangular and circular pool designs remain popular, fresh new designs like the octagon and figure-8 are steadily finding increased favor among home owners. In fact, the choice of shape is constrained by the imagination – cartoon characters, animals or the letter of the alphabet which is the owner’s initial are just a few examples.

The advantage of a custom pool is that both the owner’s design input and the surrounding landscape can be taken into consideration to maximize its surface are. A new type of pool, Gunite, has proven itself to be especially adaptable to all manner of shape and size demands. Gunite pools consist of a metal framework into which concrete mix is added. Also as flexible are fiberglass pools which offer as many customization alternatives.

Look - a gigantic guitar! Let me.... splash!
Look - a gigantic guitar! Let me.... splash!
Caution: Stubbed Toe Hazard
Caution: Stubbed Toe Hazard

Water Features

The term water features refers to any of embellishments that may be incorporated into pool design that use water as an element of design. The movement and flow of water is the essence of water features.

A waterfall installation may be done against a flat background simply to draw the eye and catch the ear with its movement and sound. It may just as easily incorporate rocks into the design to portray a tropical ambience with its louder and more unpredictable splashing sounds.

Deck jets shoot water from the deck of the pool into the water, laminar jets produce arcing streams of water and sconces allowing cascading water flow. All of these may be lighted with LEDs for a stunning panorama.

Look - a giant glowing violin at night! Sweet music follows.
Look - a giant glowing violin at night! Sweet music follows.


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