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Pool Table Lights and Accessories

Updated on July 18, 2009

Billiard and pool table lights are often suspended from the ceiling, with most lights fixed approximately 30 inches or so over the top of a table. A gorgeous set of unique or custom lights are manufactured in a choice of shapes, styles, and colors in some of the finest materials. Billiard table lights are able to provide unobtrusive and efficient lighting over the top of a games table without creating a glare. Having a perfect set-up in a games room creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Table lights come in either one long shade deign or three individual shade fittings fixed along a single central metal bar. The ideal lighting will cover the entire length a a table top - be certain to make a note of all measurements prior to shopping for some new light fixtures. Frames also come in a choice of materials, with wood, bronze, brass, and brushed pewter all popular choices.

Shopping for pool table lighting is made that much easier with the assistance of the internet - a quick search will often return hundreds of lighting designs and stypes from a variety of top selling retailers.

Types of Pool Table Lights

Design options include Stained Glass [colorful stained glass depicted illustrations with a dark wooden or metal frame] - Tiffany Glass [offering a touch of class and elegance with a 3 shade lighting set] - Modern or Contemporary [modern pool styles with simple elegant designs] - College Team colors [table lights showing off a team spirit in a vareity of styles] or a series of Discount [at the budget end of the market with simple variations of glass and metal designs] pool table lights .

Pool Table Lights for Sale

Pool table lighting comes in a multitude of designs and styles to blend into almost all decor arrangements. Lights can cost in the region of $115 for a set of 3 quality15 inch red metal shades, with 61" brass metal rod, and all fixtures and fittings to $450 for a 40" rectangular stained glass billiard table light, with all mounting hardware as well as a multitude of options in between. Searching online will soon result in lighting systems of all shapes and sizes to sift through.

Pool table accessories, such as lights, pockets, rail cushions, cue racks, signs and posters, etc. are add-on fixtures to enhance the overall appearance of a games room, bar, club or other such room. In a dimly lit games room having in place adequate lighting is a must for all to play pool or billiards with precision.


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