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Popular Trends in Furniture

Updated on August 13, 2013

Furniture Trends

Trends in furniture and upholstery are subject to change every year just like trends in clothes, jewellery and house design. Although the changes may be subtle, and sometimes so insignificant one hardly notices; small changes here and there eventually add up, and a different look is created. Compared to just a few decades ago, these days we have so much more choice when choosing everyday furniture items such as children's beds, sofas, wardrobes and even kitchen tables.

Children's Beds

Just three or four decades ago, the furniture in a child's bedroom would almost certainly consist of a small bed with a metal frame; or if the child came from a more well-off family, she might have a divan bed base. There would likely be a wooden wardrobe in the room and not much else. These days, children's bedroom furniture is available in a number of innovative and brightly coloured styles. Children's beds can be designed to look like their favourite cartoon characters, a digger truck, a racing car or even a princess castle. Needless to say these creative and brightly coloured designs make bedtime a lot more fun for today's children than it was for their parents and grandparents.

A Modern Fun Bedroom for Kids



There are many sofas to choose from; ranging from classic designs like Chesterfields, to cutting edge contemporary designs as in the yin yang sofa pictured below. These days you will find sofas that can fit up to around 12 people, or that allow four adults to stretch out very comfortably. Of course when furnishing a house, the type of sofa you choose will depend mainly on the size of the room, the number of people in your family and also your budget. The yin yang sofa shown below retails for nearly $2,000, but if you're on a budget you will easily find a comfortable sofa for much less.

Yin Yang Sofa


Wardrobe designs have become much more ingenious over the years,as furniture designers think of ways to maximize space, during an era when space is a premium in most homes. Wardrobes can be purchased in a triangular design that will fit into the corner of your bedroom. This gives the bedroom an interesting shape and also provides plenty of storage without taking up too much space in the room. Another way that designers make good use of available space is by making wardrobes and cabinets that actually fit round the headboard of the bed. These are joined by an overhead cupboard that gives you plenty of room for items such as electric blankets, spare bedding, and out of season clothes, while the items you use more frequently can be stored at the sides of the bed where you can easily reach them.

Fitted Bedroom Furniture

Kitchen Tables

You might think that a kitchen table is a kitchen table, and there is not much that can be done to change the style. While you will still find that just about all stores offer classic kitchen tables in a plain wood design with matching chairs, there are also many more elegant options available on the market. The kitchen table pictured below is made of a dense 6 mm thick glass and finished in a stylish steel chrome. Although the table does not appear very big, it extends to comfortably allow four or even six people to dine together. Half the table can be laid flat against the legs when more space and less table are required. A glass kitchen table gives a contemporary look to any kitchen, and also brightens up a dark, dull room.

Contemporary Style Table and Chairs


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