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Popular cliches that Don't work/Untrue

Updated on March 8, 2012

#1 Keep your friends close & enemies closer

This is so popular that almost everyone has heard it by now. It's been alive for years and years now. This doesn't work. I have tried it, i watched others try it, it always fails. WHY? Because the closer your enemy is to you the more information they have to use against you. The more they can get in your head and make you feel bad about yourself. The more they can influence the situation to make you look a fool for hanging around. Yes the upside is that you always know who said what, and what they are doing but the cost is to steep. They not only can find things to gossip about you but now they have clearance that its true. Or have your thoughts, which will be twisted anyway. So why waste so much energy and time over someone who isn't worth it? You should respect yourself enough to think if they want to gossip let them do it behind my back because they are behind me not in front me. Meaning they are not in your future the people who matter like your friends are. Bottom line its never a good idea to be friends with enemies because they will easily find dirt about you to post everywhere so keep them so far away they are out of mind and sight.

#2 Guys don't have feelings they have horomones

Another popular one that can be worded differently but still the same message. That men don't show emotion, that all men show is how horny they always are. Well yes guys tend to act upon sexual desire more than woman. That's a given. But they do have feelings, they just have a total different way to express it. They may not have feelings for every woman they sleep with but they do have feelings inside of them.

#3 Women were made to serve men

This really annoys me. I hate when father's tell their daughters that. I hate that it is so popular because of the hype (meaning the old version of the bible). Women are not servants. Period, if you think so, your really going to be disappointed. Yes we maybe have been second on the earth but that don't make women slaves to men. Women are human beings just like men and for everything we can't do as men, they can't do as women can. So we have a level playing field. Their is no reason to feel you have a slave in women. (rolls eyes its just annoying)

#4 Bad people always win

This is a popular cliche that is worded different at times. That nice guys finish last. Heard it before? Well although the guy who is super aggressive and confident might get more attention then the guy who had a long day from work and sitting quietly thinking but finish last? Hardly, in the end the guy who always has chicks on his arms, ends up with kids from different women because they can never seem to settle for the same setting for long. They end up at 45 still going to bars hoping to score. While the nice man found himself a wife, had children, has a home, a good job, and decent life. So i'm sick of hearing that nice men end up with nothing. Not true, they find the right one it just takes longer. Same is true for women. That the girl with the great body always gets it all. Not true its that simple. Look at the case studies if you don't believe me on google.

#5 Confidence is Arrogance

Last but not least confidence is arrogance. Your told to be humble, be respectful of your parents, others, blah blah. If someone talks mean to you walk away. Guess what? News flash, that sets your child up to be a spineless, quiet, possible kid who brings a gun and shoots up the school. WHY? Because your telling them to not express their emotions, which affects there confidence to defend themselves or speak out. Your perfectly groomed child becomes a person that stays in bad relationships when they get older because you taught them always to back down. It may seem confident children are arrogant. Their is line between confidence and arrogance. When you feel like you have to make everyone feel like the should walk under you because they are not as good as you that is arrogance. To be confident is to say what you think when someone tries to make you feel like crap like the arrogant person. To know your hot stuff, and that your a catch for someone special is confidence. So please don't go thinking that to be confident you have to be arrogant. NOT TRUE. These are the same people saying to love yourself, well how can you do that when you don't have confidence?


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