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Portable Air Compressor

Updated on July 13, 2009

Portable air compressors are a compact and lightweight option to pump air into a multitude of sources - in addition to pumping up a deflated tire, inflate a assortment of tools including a nail gun, wrenches, or a spray gun to sports balls, air mattresses and inflatable toys quickly and easily. Just as suited for a serious do-it-yourself enthusiast in a home workshop or a professional trader for household and on-the-move inflation requirements. Portable compressors offer a diverse tool delivering a wide range of uses.

Small air compressors are ideal for small tasks at home, in a garage or workshop. On the other hand, if on the move these tools are ideal pieces of kit to store on a boat, RV, or vehicle in view of there compact size. Store in a vehicle in the event of a deflating tire – keeping tire at optimal pressure, or stow on a watercraft to quickly inflate a dinghy, inner tubes, or water-sports toys, such as rings, doughnuts, and towable.

Shopping for a Portable Air Compressor

If planning to purchase an air compressor, it’s often possible to find these useful tools at places selling automobile parts, at hardware stores, as well as online retailers, such as Amazon. If the time is taken to search online at various sources, it’s often possible to locate a great bargain.

Portable compressors come in a variety of configurations - all dependent on the desired use. Useful points to take into account when shopping for an air compressor include the source of power - inflation power - and the ease in portability - with models often equipped with sturdy handles that retract for convenience in carrying and storage.

Portable compressors are either electric or gas operated - A portable electric air compressor, with power drawn from a socket or a vehicles lighter socket is the most common unit and offers a quick and simply set-up in all locations with a source of power close to hand. Alternatively, in the absence of a power outlet, a gas-powered air compressor is ideal in situations where electricity is unavailable. Avoid using a gas-powered compressor in unvented areas, as it isn't recommended for inside jobs.

Types of Air Compressors

When shopping for air compressors expect to find models split into various categories, for instances a portable or compact inflator will be sufficient to inflate a tire or inflatable raft or canoe, and the cheapest option at $25 - $50. Hand-carry models at 2 to 2.5 Gallon are the next size up and cost in the region of $100 - $200, and on from that are larger air compressors at 20 Gallon or so, costing upwards of $500 to stationary air compressors at 60 Gallon and costs up to $850 or more.


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