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Portable Buildings: The Homes Of The Future?

Updated on November 27, 2010

Portable buildings are the next stage in the evolution of prefabricated homes and other structures. However, the concept is nothing new, especially considering the dwelling style of the aboriginal Indians who lived in tepees. Historically, various royalties have likewise used tent-like structures to establish temporary headquarters, or a home away from home. These days these portable buildings are used for hosting outdoor events, setting up temporary lodgings or even occasionally semi-permanent homes! There's many kinds of portable buildings, from portable classrooms to large tents to sheds to steel garages to hangers to your imagination's limit!


Who Needs These Modules?

Large-scale tents made from Teflon are in wide use in concerts, outdoor exhibits, and even the Olympics.  In addition, it hardly matters if the area is windy, rainy, or prone to storms.  These portable sheds are known to withstand strong winds and heavy precipitation.  If the elements become too strong, often, the maintenance crew can so easily open up some parts at the top to let the wind in, in order to prevent damage, or stop the structure from toppling down or getting crushed.

One high impact future application is the society’s homeless.  When used as women or men’s shelters, the government can easily realize savings in its social housing expenses.

What Are the Types of Portable Buildings?

Do not worry; these structures have been tested against wind currents, in addition to  having all the amenities of a modern home such as heating, air conditioning, kitchen and bathroom sinks, and of course, a portable toilet.  A shower cubicle is asking for luxury, but it can be done.

Aside from Teflon or tent-like structures, there is another kind, which is far sturdier.  It is made of combination plywood, aluminum, and corkboard.  This type is not far removed from a trailer home, or a mobile home.  As such, it can easily be broken down, albeit by a highly trained crew.

It is not uncommon for these buildings be lifted as a whole by heavy machinery, and loaded onto cargo trucks for transport or transfer to another point.  Chances are, they may have been used before, as most companies, which specialize in this business, find it more profitable to rent out their facilities.  Some may, however, adapt a combination of buy and rent approaches.  No doubt, they can be rented out for indefinite periods, from a few weeks, months, to an indefinite number of years.  The limit only depends on how much the individual, family or company is willing to pay.

What Should I Watch For When Renting a Temporary Structure?

Every temporary structure needs tender loving care, whether one has decided to own it or rent it.  As an owner, remember that the building is not permanent, and no matter how durable, must never be treated like an ordinary home.  The foundation, for example, no matter sturdy, will never equal that of a permanent structure.  Kids cannot be encouraged to run around the house.

When renting this type of home, one should be careful not to cause some damage to the materials that comprise the structure.  One example is that say, excessive thumbtacks use, might pockmark walls, often reinforced with corkboards.  There is a strong likelihood of the existence of a stipulation in the lease agreement against this or other types of damage.


Sky is the limit for a portable module’s applications.  One can just as easily order a portable garage, or an office in some remote location--one very popular application indeed.  The bottom-line is there are portable buildings for just about anybody’s needs.  Bells and whistles can likewise be added as an extra option, but at a price, of course.


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      Sophia Angelique 

      7 years ago

      Nice article. I'm very interested in this topic as well. :)


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