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Portable Dryer - Great Portable Clothes Dryers for Apartments, Camping Trips and Other Small Spaces

Updated on August 30, 2011

Benefits of a Portable Dryer

Just like portable washing machines, there are a lot of great benefits to having a portable dryer.

Portable dryers are great for little spaces such as apartments or dorm rooms where having a fulll sized dryer is simply not feasible

Portable dryers are also great for campers, motor homes or trailers. Many people even use portable dryers outside in the yard to avoid having to bring sopping wet towels or bathing suits through the house.

There are several types of portable dryers to choose from: portable spin dryers, portable counter-top dryers, portable mini-dryers and even portable foldable clothes dryers such as the umbrella dryer.

Listed below are some of the more popular portable dryers you can choose from.

Haier Portable Dryer - Tumble Vented Portable Dryer

Haier is one of the more popular manuacturers of both portable washing machines and portable dryers.

This compact dryer makes it easy to quickly dry clothes, sheets, table linens, and more without taking up a lot of room -- which makes it perfect for apartments, dorm rooms, campers or other small living spaces.

This efficient 1100-watt tumble dryer plugs in to any 120-volt outlet and it features a spacious 2-3/5-cubic-foot drum, a removable interior lint filter, and a user-friendly digital touch control panel.

You can choose from four dry cycle settings, three temperature settings, and the drying times from 30, 60, 90, 120, and 150 minutes.

Simply add clean, wet clothes, close the door, and make a selection.

It is CSA approved and measures 16 3/4" x 24 4/5" x 27 inches.

This Haier portable dryer is designed for use on its own or to be coordinated with any Haier portable washer.

Excel Compact Portable Dryer - Portable Tumble Clothes Dryer

This first portable dryer is the Excel Compact Dryer. It is a famous brand used in Europe and now becoming popular in the US as well.

It does not require a vent to the outside which means in can be installed in a closet, bedroom, bathroom, dorm room, camper or other small places.

This particular portable dryer is recommended for light clothes such as socks, underwear, t-shirts, under garments, baby clothes or a limited amount of towels (it is not recommended for heavier jeans or sweaters.)

This is also a great model for camping trips or short stays when you need to dry hand-washed items or items washed by a portable washer.

Mini Countertop Spin Dryer - Countertop Portable Dryer

You might have seen this adorable little portable dryer advertised on television.

Talk about compact! This little counter-top dryer works in only 2-3 minutes and is perfect for use just about anywhere!

Mothers use it in places like the kitchen or nursery to stay on top of baby clothes, students find it is perfect for dorm rooms and even campers or business travelers find it the perfect solution for delicates.

It features 1600 RPM spin speed and can fit about 1-2 pairs of jeans per load.

It only weighs 11 pounds so it can be taken or used just about anyplace you can think of - even the backyard for drying bathing suits or wet towels.

This is a spin dryer however not a tumble dryer, so while it extracts much more water from the clothes than a regular washing machine spin cycle, clothes will still come out slightly damp. The benefit however is how little drying time they will need thereafter ensuring that someone will be able to wear what they need to in no time!

Centrifugal Clothes Portable Spin Dryer Centrifugal Clothes Portable Spin Dryer

This is another great portable dryer option.

Extremely lightweight at only 22 pounds and compact at 13.7" x 13.7" x 24"

This Centrifugal dryer has a 3200 RPM spin speed and works in only 2-3 minutes.

It is very energy efficient (uses only 400 watts) and is much gentler on clothes than a conventional tumble dryer.

It removes detergents and mineral deposits, and while it does not blow hot air on the clothes, it gets them very close to dry.

It can be used as a standalone dryer in dorm rooms, apartments, camping trips or other small place or can even be used in conjunction with a tumble dryer.

Placing your clothes in this portable dryer first will cut drying time by 30 minutes in a conventional dryer significantly reducing energy costs and prolonging the life of both your large dryer and your clothing.

3 Arm Portable Umbrella Clothes Dryer

Lastly we have this portable umbrella clothing dryer. Talk about saving energy - this one doesn't need any!

You can dry clothes the natural way with this indoor or outdoor clothing drying rack.

It features a tripod base allowing it to be moved as needed. It has a 2-piece aluminum center post with a snap lock and the vinyl clothesline provides 64 feet of drying space in 3 sections with six lines each.

It is pre-strung and ready for immediate use and opens and closes with one single action.

Can be stored just about anywhere when not in use and is perfect for use in apartmens on laundry day or to take on camping trips or vacations.


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