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Portable Garment Steamer

Updated on July 10, 2011

Are you fed up of the costly home appliances these days? Do you spent hour and hour de-wrinkling cloth with a hot, heavy hand-held? It is often unavoidable to have stains on your sofa, curtain and so on in your home. Or you want your clothes look like expertly and professionally cleaned. If you obtain an individual or a professional GARMENT STEAMER, they aren't just for your garments. The steamers have various functions that you ought to look into. If you are planning to purchase a garment steamer, there are lots of benefits beyond nicely pressed clothes.

common type garment steamer
common type garment steamer

What is garment steamer

Garment steamer is a device which is used to free wrinkles from clothes. Steamers are frequently used by clothing companies and also clothing stores to get ready clothing for sale as well as display. These steamers are meant to operate as a rapid and efficient replacement for ironing. The rate with which a garment steamer releases wrinkles from an article of garments is specifically significant in commercial and industrial use when hundreds of clothing may require attention in just one day.

Even though it's possible to purchase steamers in several different designs and sizes, there is one model that is the most common. The most common type of garment steamer has a water well at the bottom, a long metallic rod that extends up to 5 feet (about 1. 5 meters) above the base, along with a flexible rubber tube that transfer the steam from the base up to a wide nozzle. Once the steamer is plugged in, the water in the base begins to heat up immediately, producing steam which rises through the tube and out through the nozzle. The tall rod is made in order that a garment can be hung on it with a hanger.

As soon as the garment has been hung on the rod and the steam has started to rise, the nozzle can be brushed over a wrinkled garment. Most people know the technique of hanging a wrinkled garment in the bathing room while showering in order to release wrinkles. A garment steamer functions on the same principle, however the steam is more concentrated.

Based on how deeply wrinkled a piece of clothing is and just how thick its material is, the time period that it takes to steam a garment varies. For example, longer time is needed to steam a thick leather bomber jacket. This time also varies depending on the power and quality of the garment steamer as well as the size of the item of clothing. Most of the clothings made of cotton, wool, and blends which include these 2 types of fibers can be entirely steamed in a minute or less.



  • Along with the advance of new technology and innovation, this appliance allows you to do more within a shorter time. Garment steamer reduces your ironing time and unlike the other sorts of irons easily enables you to do slips and slides, bows ribbons, ties, pleats and all sorts of other details that are tough to get at properly using a traditional metallic flat iron. The reason is , you can hang the garment upright when you are pressing it and consequently perfect the way you wish the skirt on the dress or grown to drape.

  • You can find there is a lot less risk of accidental injury to the person performing the chore by using garment steamer. When the steam leaves the garment steamer, it immediately reverts to room temperature, converting back into water and becoming quite harmless to the consumer.

  • When many different types of traditional heated irons can damage, burn, scald, and even melt several types of delicate fabrics, steamers work well and safely on almost any type of fabric or material. This is particularly crucial for dress ironing. Steaming is much gentler on garment than ironing and a good steamer will have your garments looking better for a longer time and with less work. They are particularly effective on delicate materials like silk and chiffon, that are difficult materials to iron effectively. Denim, cotton as well as wool all reap the benefits of a gentle steaming too.

  • Garment steamer can be shifted to the place that the work is situated. That's specially handy for steam cleaning drapes or curtains, cleaned in place even though it is still installed on the windows. It's fast and easy and much less trouble than having to take the drapes down and wrap them off to the dry cleaners. Curtains and drapes are often a pain to handle because they have to be taken off first to be cleaned. With a portable steam cleaner this can be completed at a fraction of the cost and none of the aforementioned hassle. You can thoroughly clean them in place swiftly and easily.

  • Some of the portable travel steamers can be very powerful, and also are easy to use. You just need to find somewhere to connect the handheld device in as well as a supply of tap water to power the steamer. The very best of these steamers ought to provide you with around Quarter-hour of continuous steam for each refill of water. There also have a safety function that automatically shuts from the power in case you have any problems.

  • The portable, hand-held steamers are easy to bring along when you are travelling and can make quick work out of removing the wrinkles out of the garments you've had packed in your luggage. Hotel valet services aren't cheap and having your own garment steamer alleviates the hassle as well as lower your expenses on your dry cleaning.

  • A garment steamer is a good device for those who detest ironing. A steamer works by heating water until it eventually converts into steam. The steam is then pressurised and travels though a handheld nozzle that you can apply to wrinkled clothing. The steam relaxes the fibres in the fabric, thus releasing wrinkles. If you're a first-timer, refer to your steamer manufacturer's guideline. Garment steamer is the most famous and effective way of wrinkle eliminating.

  • There are various portable garment steamer models to pick from and they come at very reasonable prices.

  • They make an excellent present for a college student living away from home or newly weds.

  • The steamer can help you look clean, fresh and professional. You may as well make full use of a handheld steamer at home instead of, or as well as, an iron and ironing board. The steamer will be lighter in weight and a lot quicker to use as well as occupies less space. Therefore, it is perfect for students, first time home-owners and newly weds.


hand-held garment steamer
hand-held garment steamer

Travel Garment Steamer

A steamer for garments is really a must if you're travelling frequently to somewhere else for business. A travel clothes steamer is small, portable, and on top of that, very affordable.
You can purchase a handheld travel steamer that can easily fit into your travel suitcase or carry bag when you are going on a trip. A portable clothes steamer is not merely for carrying on a trip, it can be used at your workplace or even in your own home as well. You may have a conference either in the office or else you have to go meet a customer and also you intend to make a good impression.


  1. Check and ensure that all parts of the steamer are connected. Fill the water tank to the ideal level. Switch on the steamer and allow it to heat up.

  2. Hang up the garment with a hanger. Button up the first few collar buttons for dress shirts.

  3. Keep the nozzle head with the steam jet facing outward. Steam the cloths from the bottom up.

  4. While steaming delicate fabrics like silk or velvet, tend not to let the nozzle contact the fabric directly. Steam embellished or screen-printed clothing on the bottom.

  5. Move the nozzle away and smoothe the garment with your hands every once in a while. Garments with thicker fabric may require repeated steaming.

  6. A newly steamed garment are sometimes a little damp. Allow the garments air out for a few minutes before putting them back in the wardrobe.

Ironing tips

  • Right before you use any type of garment steamer on your garments, ensure that you read the label carefully to check whether it can tolerate any type of ironing at all. Some dresses cannot be ironed but they can tolerate steam and that is where having a steamer at home can be of great value when it comes to the fine art of dress ironing.

  • Press linen for sheen or softness.

  • Silk should be hung on cedar hangers while steaming.

  • Hang rayon on clothes hangers to cool.

My mother owns one of this appliance at home and it works better than you imagine. It can carry out several jobs with ease and simplicity. Due to the advanced design and technology incorporated into this board, it is stable and durable enough to be used in a commercial environment. Steam cleaners have been getting more and more popular over time. It really can do the job of dress ironing quickly, precisely and safely.


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