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Portable Ice Maker -You'll Never Run Out Of Ice Again!

Updated on January 17, 2011

So, Why Would I Want A Portable Ice Maker?

A portable ice maker can be utilized at any point in the year, however, summer time is the most popular time that portable ice makers are used.

You may be asking yourself what a portable ice maker is, or maybe why you would need one when you have a freezer in your kitchen. On this page we will talk about the advantages of owning a portable ice maker and a little bit on how this little machine works.

Portable Ice Maker vs Regular ice Maker

There was a time when only restaurants, hotels and large businesses owned ice makers.

An ice maker is normally quite large, too large to be considered for the average home.

However these days we have new innovative technology that allows us to take a lot of these things that were never dreamed to be in the average home and compact and improve upon them so they can be used in a normal household. Such as the portable ice maker.

This machine is small, portable, and very powerful. A lot of portable ice makers can make ice in just minutes! A portable ice maker is very great to have around for several reasons. We will talk about those reasons now.

Portable Ice Makers Are Great For...

There are quite a few reasons that a portable ice maker could be great use in your home.

On reason is that if you often have people over at your home, if you happen to entertain people at your home for

  • parties
  • barbecues
  • celebrations

etc you will need to provide refreshments. One thing that people always run into is that there just isn't enough ice.

Yes, you can freeze ice in your freezer, but it takes hours and there usually is not enough room to make all the ice that you need. Some people have small chest freezers in their homes, but these usually have very small ice compartments. Again not supplying the needed amount of ice.

You can buy ice from your local store however there are reasons that this isn't the best option. Besides the fact that ice bags are heavy to haul around with you. But also ice bags often break before you can get them home, leak when the ice starts to melt, as well as stores often raise the price of bags of ice on hot days when people are likely to be buying ice.

A portable ice maker is a great way to solve all of the problems! Since making your own ice from your tap water can be done for just pennies it is cheaper in the long run (or in the short run depending on how much ice you use!) to simply purchase your own portable ice maker.

Is A Portable Ice Maker Really, Portable?

A portable ice maker can usually make a bunch of ice in just minutes. It is usually connected to a water source through a valve, however you can also fill an ice maker using a bottle of water, which ever you prefer.

The fact that you can fill a portable ice maker with a water bottle and that is is so small means that portable isn't just something in the name. You can truly take your portable ice maker with you when going out to get cold ice all day long. Prefect for taking out tailgating, to outdoor parties, barbecues, beach parties, and other such events and occasions. 

Ending Notes On Portable Ice Makers

So, whether you are looking into a portable ice maker for your home because you don't have the room in your freezer for ice, or because you cannot make enough ice, or if you are looking into a portable ice maker for on the go there are many ways a portable ice maker can make your life a little easier!


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