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Portable Mini Cribs

Updated on January 26, 2012

Pros and Cons Of Folding Cribs

When parents are expecting a new baby, they know there are going to be lots of baby furniture to buy. There are going to be a lot of expenses to take care of. Like most of us everyone likes to save money when ever they can.

Is it worth to buy a folding crib for the baby? Would it be cheaper to buy a folding crib than to buy a regular baby crib? What are the pros and cons of folding baby cribs.

In this hub, we will cover all the advantages of buying a folding crib for the baby, and we will cover also some of the cons.

Folding Cribs

The main advantage of a folding crib, is that when it is not in use, it does not take any space. You can take a folding crib, and fold it into a slim 6 inch of wood and mattress and put it under a bed, or somewhere where it does not interfere.

When would you need a folding crib?

Grandparents will need a folding crib, when the grandchildren are visiting. If there is a small baby, they just unfold the crib and use it. When the grandchildren are away, the crib does not take any space.

Anyone who is expecting guests with babies will need a folding crib. It is the safest way to place them to sleep, when they are protected by the safety railings. Putting small children and babies on regular beds, is risky! They can easily fall off or roll over from the bed side at night.

Folding Baby Beds Are Cheaper

Buying a folding bed usually costs less than the heavy thick permanent baby crib.

Portable Cribs

The folding cribs are smaller and more compact. They can be moved from room to room, so a breastfeeding mom can have the baby beside her for a few month.

A portable crib can be moved around the house, it can be folded and opened a few times a day, depending where the family is and the mother. Small size mini cribs can even be moved through doorways, so there is no need to take the baby out when moving the crib.

Cons For Folding Cribs

The first thing, is that folding cribs are not as nice and elegant. They are more functional but less designed than regular cribs. A nursery room with a folding crib looks less luxurious and more temporary.

Folding cribs can be more dangerous for young kids fingers, because the joints and folding parts may pinch really hard on a small finger at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Most folding cribs do not have 3-4 height levels for the mattress, so they are always 'deep'. This is less comfortable with newborns and small babies which have to be lifted from the low position.


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