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Pot Racks A DIY Inexpensive Project That Works For Any kitchen

Updated on April 3, 2011

DIY Gives The Ability to Custom Design

Making your own pot rack/hanger gives you the ability to customize the design for any kitchen, color, size, strength, or intricate details you desire. The only thing necessary is some wood, pipe or shelving (depending on your taste), chain, hooks, a little time and your ready to hang some pots.

If your not a carpenter or don't have the tools to cut the wood just get an idea of how long and wide you want the rack and most of the home improvement stores will cut the wood or pipe for you. This makes this project even easier especially if your going to leave it as wood, or the pipe/shelving the same color.

Sorry for the mess This is the middle of a huge remodeling project

I really miss that stove
I really miss that stove

What You'll Need and Where To Get It

Ok here's what you'll need and a few hints for when your picking up supplies

1) The wood and the chain needs to be strong enough to hold the amount of pots your going to hang along with the weight of the pots. As you can see in the pictures I have a lot of pots and baskets hanging so the wood along with the chain is pretty thick. I obviously would have went a lot smaller with both if I was only going to hang 4 or 5 things.

2) If your going to paint the wood you want it to have a smooth finish. You can use whatever type paint you like depending on the colors you want, and if it's going to be a flat or high gloss finish. You can also buy different colors of chain and hooks to coordinate like black, or gold, etc

3) If you know or are familiar with electric wiring you can even put some lights on the wood and put the wire through the chain I just bought a cheap light that I could adjust and put it in the middle, (actually I put the light up before the rack).

4) if your going to paint the wood you might even want to put some designs or something on the sides. Example Let's say you painted it black and were using gold hooks and chain, you might put some gold designs on the sides.

Everything listed can be picked up at your local home improvement store. If you've read any of my other project/DIY hubs you know I'm a Home Depot, (Lake Wales,Fl) fan mainly because they always seem to show a true interest in my projects and often give me some helpful hints. Of course everybody has their favorite, so that's left up to you.

This can easily become 2 shelves and a great hanging pot rack

Or if you need something smaller
Or if you need something smaller

Here are some of the different types of hooks and chain you will need

If Your Really Looking For Something Quick and Easy

Take one of the shelves from the pictures (really great if you already have one) and turn it upside down. Use the hooks with the screws and secure them into a stud in the ceiling. Take your chain, (already cut at the store) and attach it to the shelve with either an s hook (make sure to take some pliers and close the hook so you don't lift the shelf out while grabbing a pot) or whatever you prefer. Use your s hooks to hang your pots, and now you not only have a pot rack but a shelf (nothing to heavy).

If You Like the Pipe Idea

If your going with the pipe idea, you will need four 90 degree elbows as connectors and make sure to have them cut the pipe there, (that way you don't have to worry about it). You may also want to get 4 larger s hooks depending on the size of the pipe your using.

If your using galvanized pipe and can get the length you want that is threaded at both ends, then get the threaded elbow (shown below) and all you have to do is screw them together.

Making a rack out of copper is not only a little more costly, but a task that will require a little more skill.  Depending on your taste and the look your going for, that is a choice that can only be made by the one completing the task. I have not attempted this yet for two reasons, one is the cost, and two it is more time consuming.

So Get Creative

You can make this project as quick and easy, or as detailed and customized as you like.  It all depends on the time you want to spend and the end result your looking for.

Remember you can always add a little something later on

So have a ball and let me know how it comes out.

Have an incredible day!

Elbows for pipe connection


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