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Poulan pro 400e 18 inch 4.0 hp electric chain saw

Updated on July 5, 2011

When the job is big enough, you don’t want to spend more time and energy than necessary getting it done.  You’ll need cutting edge power.   The Poulan Pro 400 E electric chain puts that power in your hands. This chainsaw will take on any heavy duty outdoor trimming job like a pro. Just plug it in and get down to business. 

The Poulan Pro 400 E 18-inch 4.0 Hp Electric chainsaw arrives fully assembled and ready to chew thru whatever project you have lined up; cutting firewood, disposing of fallen trees, pruning overgrown bushes and thick tree branches. 

It’s powerful enough to bring down a tree, but lightweight enough for you hoist up a ladder. You can steadily maneuver it to precision as you work on indoor building projects. That portability will give you the agility you need to cut at various angles without the mess or hassle. That lightweight feature of the Poulan Pro 400 E is designed to minimize any strain on your body especially after prolonged use.

The tool is easy to maintain.  The Poulan Pro 400 E is of course electric. That means no priming pumpers or gas which can cause messes and strong odors in your yard. The Poulan Pro 400 E has automatic chain oilers and a large sight window so it’s easy to maintain the proper lubrication level while you work. This will keep your chainsaw chains in their best condition and functioning. Your Poulan Pro 400 E comes with a year warranty. You also check with your Poulan dealer about a chainsaw sharpener to make sure you keep your chainsaw at optimal performance level. If you need to replace anything on your chainsaw, there are several websites where you can find and the replacement Poulan Parts you need and order from the comfort of your home.

Other features: the 400e has an 18-inch steel bar for precision and control, a  trigger for power and several safety features which include an inertia blade brake, a wrap around handle and an anti kickback bar tip to help protect users from injury.  The tool is also double insulated to protect you from nasty shocks. The Double insulation construction consists of two separate layers of electrical insulation instead of grounding.  If you use an extension cord with your saw, it can be plugged into any standard 120 volt electrical outlet.

The Poulan name is synonymous with quality. Since 1944 the company has produce a long line of powerful equipment from riding mowers and tillers to the Poulan 2150 chainsaw. And now, the Poulan Pro 400 E 18-inch 4.0 Hp electric chainsaw can be added to that list.  It may not be the production level suitable for loggers and professional landscapers, but for the average Joe or Josephine, this chainsaw makes the cut.


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    • profile image

      Scott 7 years ago

      I agree, it is a GREAT little chainsaw....HOWEVER, make sure the dealer can fix OR stock up greatly on the Screw, retainer Clip and Pin, which regulate chain tightness - these will bend and strain over time (shorter than it seems), or from accidental strain and you WILL have to replace them.

    • Teddletonmr profile image

      Mike Teddleton 7 years ago from Midwest USA

      J.B. your hub Poulan pro 400e 18 inch 4.0 hp electric chain saw is great. For many of us homeowners, the gas-powered chain saws are a bit scary, with all the noise and fumes and ropes to pull in order to get the saw started, The Poulan pro 400e sounds like a great chain saw. Thanks for the useful information...