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Powder Room - Small Space With Large Presence

Updated on February 20, 2013

Enhancing the size of your Powder Room

Most powder rooms (which have adopted this marvelous name because the size dictates it can't be used for much else) are usually the smallest room in your home and are only large enough to house a pedestal sink or small vanity and a toilet. For this precise reason and because it is usually the one guests use, we should spend a little more attention to the impact it is going to present.

First of all, lighting is of major concern since most builders will place the only lighting fixture in the room above a square piece of mirror over the vanity. Alternative suggestions would be to have a center ceiling fixture because then you can choose a much more decorative fixture or even a wonderful small chandelier. Pot lights are also a great alternative because it is essential we have good warm lighting to eliminates shadows.

If a standard door is taking up too much swing space, one great alternative is to have a sliding pocket door installed. Of course this has to be decided when the house is being built or when a renovation is taking place as you might lose a few inches in space if you decide to install this afterwards. The door then is discreetly out of place. If this option isn't available and depending upon the situation, another alternative would be to install 2 smaller doors. This wouldn't be my first choice but it will be a decorating solution to a space problem.

The paint choice for the room should be a monochromatic color scheme; with the baseboard and the crown moulding (which when added to an existing space adds height) painted either the same color as the walls or just slightly lighter. The ceiling would be lovely also painted either the same color as the walls, or one shade lighter (as color on the ceiling always appears deeper than on the walls). Lighter colors of paint will make a space appear larger than darker colors.

If the vanity runs from wall to wall, one of the best solutions is to have a mirror go from wall to wall and from vanity backsplash to ceiling or crown moulding. This will add visual space and lighten the room also. Over a pedestal sink, a lovely shaped, framed mirror looks the best (either oval or square - but no wider than the vanity or pedestal sink itself).

If the cabinets are dark, it usually makes the bathroom feel smaller. This is unless your walls are very light and you have a contemporary theme happening. You can give your wood cabinets a custom newer look with a coat of paint the same color tone as the walls and perhaps antiqued for a stylish effect.

Warmth and buffering of noise is best accomplished with drapery or a blind window treatment. Both of these choices should be in a color chosen closely resembling the wall color to enlarge the space.

Exquisite Mural of Houses Around Perimeter of Powder Room
Exquisite Mural of Houses Around Perimeter of Powder Room

Decorative Impact Can be Boosted

Walls can be papered to enhance the high impact factor. It is best, if you decide to do this, to choose a geometric pattern, a wonderful scene or mural, or an amazing floral pattern, as smaller all-over patterns can become boring in a shorter period of time. Because the space is small, some of the more expensive options, which would otherwise be unaffordable, can fit within your budget amount. These could include wood flooring, beautiful glass or marble tiles, marble or granite countertops, or even hand-painted wallpaper. A wonderful mirror can add that special touch and a stylish chest of drawers is a great alternative to a pedestal sink. These elements can be really effective as an impact booster.

Tiny bathroom can be inviting and dazzling and deserve that extra attention to detail. After all this might be the only bathroom the guests will be visiting.


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    • profile image

      Design Diva 7 years ago

      Small powder rooms need not be boring. After all this is the bathroom most guests use. Visually enhancing the space and making it interesting is better. Glad you liked it.

    • profile image

      Window Blinds Project 7 years ago

      Wonderful mural! It turns this room into such a lovely space.

    • profile image

      shoaleh 7 years ago

      i loved the idea of having architectural mural in a small powder room.