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Powerfully Revamp a Room Through Creative Wall Art – Beyond Just Artwork

Updated on March 26, 2018

Elegant Living Room

Elegant Living Room
Elegant Living Room | Source

Interior Decorating Tips

Does a room in your home or office need a face lift? Perhaps our lives are in a new season and we need change to reflect what’s going on inside. Interior design styles from past seasons can feel stagnant and dull. Our space should be a reflection of who we are and our creative tastes allowed to be reflected.

Creative Wall Art

One way to totally change the décor of a room fairly inexpensively, without doing a major remodel is through wall art. Creative wall art is much more than simply hanging a framed piece of artwork in a room and calling it good. A great design can be the “wow” factor that totally changes the entire look of the entire room.

First, choose a room that you want to revamp. Within that wall chose one or two walls that you want to work on. Get some paper and colored pencils, and a writing tablet and pen. Take that notebook and pen, try to form into words the mood or message you would like to convey in your wall art.


Consider color. Are you open to painting? Do you want a neutral color on the wall? Is there a small accent color in your room somewhere that you are not pulling out? Could that be a color you’d like to emphasize this time? You can paint one or even two walls in a room a different colors than the others. Or, one very dark colored wall can be a dramatic effect. Are you open to a full wall mural if you’re an artist (or know of one/could hire one)?

What about texture? Do you prefer a smooth, more flat and neutral background to showcase other objects? Or, would you care to get creative with different painting techniques that incorporate texture? The sky is the limit in combination with various colors and textures. A dark colored wall, with perhaps a light colored or metallic colored paint with sponging or other texturing methods can add a very unique design to a base wall. Do some research on various new options of texturing with paint. Some may be bold and wild, while others may be a more subdued in appearance.

Get out your colored pencils and try experimenting on paper various color and texture combinations you could think of. See which ones you are more drawn towards. Consider colors and combinations that you normally wouldn’t gravitate towards. Get a friend to do this exercise with you and get ideas about how they put together color and texture. You may find an idea of a friend, sparks a new idea for you.

Molding Options

What about molding? Perhaps this is a time to invest in some beautiful ornate wood molding from your lumber store, stained and finished with your style, applied around doorways, windows or even around the edges of the ceiling. This can really cause a huge impact in a room.

Once you have settled on the base wall color and texture, and have applied that to the wall itself, it’s time to think of other components to add. Is there anything special about the wall that you’d like to accentuate? Is there a window, or the way light hits it at certain time of the day? Or is it very plain and needs to be jazzed up on its own?

Choose a central focal point to build around. Is it that window? Is there a favorite piece of artwork or photograph, or even a favorite vintage family photo that’s compelling? Are mirrors or any 3D framed works, something you’d like to add? Start building from your central point outwards.

Lighting Makes a Statement

Think about lighting. Do you want some special directional lighting to emphasize your central focal point?

Consider various heights in your design to add visual interest. Lamps, indoor plants, hanging baskets, shelves, screens, and end tables are all good ways to add varying heights.

Accent colors and textures are to be considered too. Sometimes, ordinary items you can find in nature can be the perfect touch to what’s missing for an accent. Moss, pinecones, shells, wheat, pearls, stones are all ideas to play with. Visit a thrift or antique store, you never know what unique item you might find that adds that perfect finishing touch to your look.

Consider sound, smell, and touch as well. The most delightful surroundings are those that affect all five of our senses. Lovely textures that beckon someone to touch are inviting, perhaps a luxurious throw blanket on a chair or sofa. Candles, flowers or other items that bring scent to the room are vital. Sound could be soft music, a water fountain, or anything else that you find appealing.

Above all, enjoy the process.


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