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Practices That Can Damage Your House Roof

Updated on July 10, 2017
Damaged roof tiles.
Damaged roof tiles.


All this time you maybe thinking that you are doing great with your house or residential property roofing maintenance, when in fact you don't. There are practices that actually weakens its structural integrity that you might be unaware of. Do not let these practices run the quality and appeal of your roof by taking note of the following mistakes.

Going for Quarterly Cleaning: Getting rid of dirt every 4 months.

Removing whatever dirt on your on a quarterly basis is not enough. Waiting that long will actually give room for any algae to grow out of the dust and debris that have been kept in there.

This eventually makes them hard to remove and destroys the durable compound of the roof. As a result, leakages and blockages can happen at the same time. Whenever it rains, the water could not go through the proper channel because of the debris blocking the way.

Also take note that algae and moss thriving on your roof is usually the cause of shingle damage and rotting of woods. If the water flows through the wooden deck of your roofing system, then it can be expected that molds can grow, which poses dangers not only to your family but also to your pets at home.

When the water overflows, it takes whatever pathway in front; it could flow to roofing edges, gutters, and even to the very foundation of your house.

To avoid this, make it a habit to clean your roofing on a monthly basis, especially if you are in an area where rain or snow is a regular occurrence.

Subjecting to Extra Pressure: Pushing it downwards regularly.

Your roof is made to lay on its own. If it happens that extra weight can be added due to roofers conducting repairs, it should only be once in a blue moon. Regular or constant pressure can result to serious damages more than bad deformity such as huge cracks and holes, which eventually results to severe leakages.

What are the instances wherein you are actually exposing your roof to extra pressure? One perfect example is letting pets and wild animals step on it. Take note that pets like cats are actually fond of climbing, and most of the time, house roofing is their favorite.

If your house is in a countryside where wild animals roam like monkeys, lemurs, and others, there is a high probability that they will crawl or walk on your roofing, which sometimes scratches the material causing damages.

If you also have fruit-bearing trees around your house, the fruits (especially big ones) dropping on the roof can result to roofing deformity and leakages in the long run. Next time, don't plant trees near your precious home. Allocate 20 to 30 meters distance from your house for them to grow without harming your precious property and of course, your loved ones.

Another possible scenario is when you have big trees near your home where long and wide branches can fall down anytime, especially during storms and other bad weather conditions. If you don't want to remove these trees, then better have them pruned regularly or if transferring them is feasible, then go for it.


So, have you been doing the above mentioned mistakes to your house roofing? If yes, then do not waste time, stop these practices and take heed to the appropriate ways of taking care of your roof. If ever you need fixing like a damage roof in Ann Arbor Michigan, always ask assistance with the professional roofer or contractors in your local area.


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