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Police Training With The 357 Magnum Revolver

Updated on October 16, 2015

Monday, February 20, 2012

When I was a deputy sheriff the 357 magnum was the revolver of choice by our police force. The magnum is a firearm with excellent impact power. Actually I would have preferred to carry a smooth firing automatic , but taking risks with a gun that might jam in the middle of a situation is not the right thing to do. Today there are the nine millimeters in service which are automatics.

To be a deputy sheriff , or criminal enforcement officer you're usually required to be good with a handgun to qualify at the very least as a marksman. I was a revolver expert so I was better than a sharp shooter.

I new the firing range would be a challenge. We had to qualify in all type's of revolver firing positions, and to be able to fire accurately in a timely manner. I began speed firing practice at home by using a full length mirror. If you draw a side arm frequently in practice ,in speed drawing , there is a high risk of you're side arm slipping from you're hand, and if you're revolver is loaded with live ammunition , you could shoot yourself .

There were two things that I did not want to do. I did not want to shoot myself, or damage my expensive side arm so I stood on a cushioned mat , and I used a handful of practice cartridges. All I needed was to use about ten shell casings, so I filled them with wax . I needed to be able to load, unload, and reload my revolver cylinder quickly on the police firing range, and fire accurately at the silhouettes.

Drawing, and firing fast was what I needed to do. I always wanted a Colt 45 , but I settled for a stainless steel bicentenial modeled security six. I also purchased a 25 automatic for a back up concealed gun. I kept the concealed handgun in my pocket when I was on duty. I wanted to be efficient with a handgun because I wanted to work with the criminal law enforcement officers that handled the more active calls which usually involved more violence. The men I worked with were professionals. They were skilled riflemen, revolver experts, and good in self defense situations. One officer was a carbine rifle expert. Another was experienced in handling bar room fights which involved guns, or knives, and frequent shootings. Two others were marshal arts experts. My partner was a race car expert , a self defense expert, a sharpshooter, and could handle a police cruiser well in high speed pursuits.

I became ,and expert with the 357 magnum. I taught my wife how to use my magnum ,but I felt as if the magnum was to heavy like a cannon , for her to handle so I taught her how to load , and reload my 25 caliber automatic. I taught Joann important physical moves in order to defend herself against intruders. I taught her how to defend herself by pointing out vital areas of the human body. I told her that if she ever felt threatened while I worked , for her to call the police immediately, and if anyone breaks into our home, for her to use the handgun. We had a Siberian Husky . I always kept a large dog to defend my wife, and child. Our dog Wolf could attack on command. I was never far away from home. My family had the protection of two hundred armed deputies plus a couple hundred police volunteers, plus the state police, city police, fire departments, and the entire world for that matter.

Joann was not afraid of a gun. A handgun was a tool to stop violence if it got out of hand, or for self protection. The presence of a gun at the right moment can be just as important as firing one . A police hand gun is for saving lives. I am glad I never had to take a life. All I had to do was to unholster my gun to show that I would use it if necessary. As a trained officer you take you're oath seriously because you're traveling fast, at high speed in police cars. You're dealing with knives, guns, battery, theft, rape, murder, assaults, felonies, anger, rage , addictions, drug pushers, crimes of all types. There is so much adrenalin pumping in you're veins , and the world seems to depend on you when everything is crashing down around you. You know what you must do, and there is no stopping you.

It was always a great feeling to stop violence. I was at my best when everything was in a rotten condition. Police officers are at their best when times are at there worst.

In many situations I had to draw weapons to end violence. The presence of, and armed police officer in a deadly force situation can immediately end violence without even firing a single shot. One day I drew my revolver on an armed suspect that was running from my partner, and I. It was a high speed pursuit which ended with my partner, and I drawing our firearms on an assailant that we had to charge with attempted murder. He stabbed someone. At a red light, in main street we drew our handguns Our guns were aimed at our suspect so he had no choice but to surrender. We arrested him, searched him, read him his rights, handcuffed him, and brought him to jail.

We did not have to fire our weapons. The simple presence of a firearm is all a criminal needs to see. There are times when a officer must pull the trigger .

One morning I had to stop a man from beating up a manager.. I challenged a man that brandished an axe handle. I did not have my magnum, but I convinced the assailant that I would use force if he did not drop his axe handle to the floor immediately . I had to be demanding in the situation. I had to convince him that I meant business . If I would have shown any sign of weakness I would have had a dangerous assailant on my hands that could easily have turned on me. By being to the point, and by meaning business, my advisary dropped his weapon. Together we waited for city police officers. The man went to jail. I convinced him that I knew marshal arts, and that I would do anything in my power in seconds if he did not drop his weapon. I waited for officers to take him into custody. I was planning to buy Becky, and Joann some food. I did not want our evening ruined by going to a police station. I flashed my badge to arresting officers, and they took over. My name was never mentioned. I was buying Joann, and Becky food from a waitress at a window when I saw the assailant beating a manager.


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