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Prefab or Stick Built—Which Home Style Works for You?

Updated on November 10, 2014

If you are considering building a new home, then chances are, you have looked at a variety of house plans, debated the pros and cons of brick over siding, determined whether you want hardwood floors, carpeting or mixture of both and made many other decisions. But perhaps one of the most important things you decided was the type of home you wanted, i.e. prefab homes (aka modular) or stick built.

If you have not had this discussion, then it is one to consider carefully. After all, there are pros and cons in each style of home. Each of the options – prefab and stick-built- offer valid reasons to use them thus making it a worthy debate. To help, here are the pros and cons of the two choices.

6 Reasons to use Prefab

  • Modular homes are built in a factory where the climate is controlled and there is little to no risk of running out the needed parts.
  • Because it is built in factory and the pieces then shipped to the job site, the home is built more quickly.
  • The new modular homes use energy efficient windows and insulation, so you can count on lower energy costs.
  • Less labor means a lower price.
  • More financing options as you can also get help through the manufacturer.
  • Prefab buildings include exactly what the builder needs, as well as how the parts should be put together.

3 Cons of Prefab homes

  • You are more limited in the style and floor plan of the home.
  • The builder must be paid in full before the house is completed.
  • You will have to have land on which to put the prefab home.

Reasons to opt for a stick built home

  • They are still the most popular choice in home construction.
  • Stick frame homes offer more flexibility in the floor plan.
  • The house is built right on site, so there’s no need to worry about damage during transportation
  • Homeowners can watch the building process taking place

Cons of Stick Built Homes

  • Take longer to complete – a year or more from start to finish.
  • Are only as high in quality as the builder – homeowners who don’t know the builders they are using may hire people who aren’t using the best materials or technique for the job.
  • Can have a lot of unexpected costs – the long building process means that delays, changes, and other issues could add to the cost of the project.
  • Are exposed to the elements during the entire building process before the house can be sealed – this may lead to structural problems if enough harsh weather occurs.

Prefab or stick built---it all comes down to what meets your needs, dreams and budget. But whatever choice you make, be sure that it is one that works for you.

Many websites provide additional information on the topic of prefab homes. One such site worth visiting is

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