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How to prepare Homemade Organic Pesticides

Updated on September 25, 2015
Pest Control
Pest Control

Pest and Pestcides

Pest is nothing but the plants or animals which is harmful to humans or human concerns(plants or corps). To avoid such harmful effects caused by those organism, the technique/method we used to kill those are termed as Pesticides.

Pesticides are categorized under a class Biocide, which is defined as chemical substance or micro organism intended to kill harmful organism by chemical or biological means.

Avoid pest by using pesticides

Pesticides is a substances made of chemicals or biological products to attract , seduce and then to kill pest which is causing harmful effects. The main use of pesticides is to protect plant or corps from harmful insects and weeds.

In General, pesticides includes herbicide, insecticides, bactericide, piscicide, fungicide and so. Target pests can include insects , weeds, fish , fungus , bacteria and other harmful organism that destroy property or spread diseases.

Toxic Non-Organic Pesticides

  • Pesticides made up of chemical substances have dangerous effects on human life as well as environment.
  • Most of the pesticides are made with ammonia, Chlorine , Methanol, Formaldehyde, arsenic , benzene, ethylene oxide and dioxins. These chemicals can cause drastic health issues in human’s life. Few facts are, exposure to high levels of ammonia can cause death, exposure to benzene cause cancer,exposure to high levels for pure chlorine gas can cause lung collapse and death.

  • Although using chemical pesticides have benefits, it as some potential drawbacks such as toxicity to humans and other animals in the environment.

Unfavourable reasons:

Chemical pesticides cause dangerous effects on human’s health who are exposed to it. That may cause simple irritation of skin and eyes to more severe effects by affecting nervous system, hormones , reproductive system and also may cause cancer. Also cause dangerous effects to environment by affecting air, water and soil.

Which is Good..!!

Natural ingredients
Good to use
Not at all
Organic versus Non-organic

Organic Pesticides

  • Now-a-days many peoples wants to protect their plants or crops or properties from harmful pest without causing damages to human life or environment. Organic pesticides are more safer than chemical pesticides.
  • Organic Pesticides are made from naturally occurring ingredients such as Garlic, Leaves and so on.


  • Organic does not mean non-toxic, we have to read instruction provided in each organic pesticides carefully and need to reapply numerous times is the only drawbacks on organic pesticides.
  • Organic pesticides are available in wide varieties of applications as per the needs. But preparing our own home made organic pesticides is the good choice for garden hobbyist to protect their plants and harvest good amount of crops without chemicals.

Non-Toxic Homemade Organic Pesticides

Home made pesticides are inexpensive compared to chemical pesticides and ease of use. Especially you will come to know what is going on your garden. Home made pesticides are usually made up of ingredients such as garlic, Neem leaves, horse tail, comfray leaves , Ginger and so, which are diluted in water and blended to be sprayed on plants. It is safer for your garden than buying and using the products from stores.

Organic Homemade Pesticides

Below are the most easiest, cheapest and most beneficial home made pesticides recipe. Try yourself and protect your plants with great care..

Recipe #1(Western Method) : Garlic Pesticide

All western method contains dish soap as its one of the ingredients. Though it contains chemical, adding it in very low quantity will not cause any harm. Easiest to prepare and only 4 ingredients required to make this home made pesticide.

Essential Ingredients:

  • 1 head of Garlic
  • 2 drops of dish soap
  • 2 tablespoon mineral or vegetable oil
  • 2 cups of water

Preparation method:

Follow the below procedure without any deviations to get good results.

1) Peel the Garlic cloves

2) Puree the cloves along with oil and water and allow to set the mixture for 24hours. Do not disturb the mixture at any cost.

3) After 24hrs, mix the said quantity of dish soap to the mixture and stir/shake well.

4) Add the entire mixture to the spray bottle and dilute with the water( 5ml solutions + 1liter water)

5) Spray the pesticides to the plants and make them to grow without pest.

Recipe #2 : Pepper and Garlic Method

This method mainly contains Pepper as the ingredients to remove pest from the plants.

Essential Ingredients:

1) Pepper( Green Chilly - Large) - 2

2) Garlic (Fresh) - 1 full headed

3) Dish soap - 2 drops

4) Blender to beat the mixture.

Method of Preparation:

1) Chop the Pepper and Garlic.

2) Add Pepper and Garlic to the blender and blend well with small amount of water.

3) Add Dish soap to the blended mixture.

4) Dilute well with the water and spray on plants.

Homemade Organic Pesticide

AGNI ASTRA Preparation

All Indian home made pesticides contains one of the main ingredients as Cow urine which has antibodies and lots of beneficial factors. Indians named it as AGNI ASTRA which is used to kill all pests( like white worm, leaf worm and so) from plants or crops.

Ingredients : AGNI ASTRA

  • 250grams Neem Leaves, Fresh
  • 100grams Green chilly, Chopped
  • 1 headed Garlic, Chopped
  • 500ml Cow urine, Fresh
  • Boiler or Kadai, To boil all these ingredients together
Neem Leaves
Neem Leaves

Way of preparation

1) Put 250grams of Neem leaves in the boiler

2) Add Garlic cloves and Green chilly to the boiler

3) Add cow urine to the ingredients in the boiler and bowl the mixture for 15minutes exactly.

4) Allow the mixture to settle for 1 day.

5) Then take 5ml of the mixture and dilute it with 1litre of water, stir well.

6) Spray to plants and make them grow happily

7) Use once in a week to get better result.

Important Notes : Please dilute it with water as per said quantity to get good result.

AGNI ASTRA : Say your opinions

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