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Preparing for Relocating and Using Professional Movers

Updated on January 21, 2014

For many people, moving to a new location is something they look forward to, as long as they don’t have to do the actual packing and unpacking part of the relocation. Fortunately, one can hire professional movers to do much of that part of the job for you. But, does hiring a moving company mean that you can sit back and watch them do all the work? Or, do you still need to do the “basics” prior to the move.

Well, the answer to those questions depends greatly on the type of service you pay for. If you wish to invest the money, there are companies that will happily come to your home and wrap, pack and label the boxes of items for your new home. You can pretty much just sit back and watch—or at most – supervise.

But, what if you are a hands on person and don’t want to leave your belongings to someone you don’t know very well? Perhaps, you don’t know if they will understand the sentimental value of some of your stuff. Do remember the majority of movers are more experienced with moving those delicate and cherished items than you might realize! In fact, they know how to wrap the vases, sculptures, dinner plates and more, to protect them from breakage during a move. Furthermore, many professional movers have found that homeowners are not nearly as adept as wrapping things to prevent breakage as they might think, then when things are damaged in transit the movers get blamed!

However, if you are determined to do at least some of the packing, then here are some steps for preparing for a move while still using a professional moving company.

Talk to the moving company and ask them to bring you an assortment of boxes. It is recommended that you ask for 50 small; 50 medium and 50 large, 20 dish boxes and 25 or so wardrobe boxes. You can also request packing paper and peanuts. (Keep in mind that some companies charge for these items, though you might be able to negotiate a discount if they are already doing the move!)

Be sure you have plenty of tape on hand, along with markers to label the boxes. Then take your time going through home one room at time and begin wrapping up those special items you may not feel comfortable with someone else handling. This is also a great time to purge your home of any unneeded items!
Clean your toaster of crumbs, your oven, any appliance including your mixer and blender that is going with you. Unplug anything electrical that is to be packed, and wrap the cords securely around the appliance. This will help prevent breakage/tripping.

Consider using zip top bags to pack sets of things (i.e. DVD player its remote) together. Also space bags are great for blankets, off season clothing, towels, etc.

Movers will not pack up anything that is already open- paint, food items, etc. So you will need to either get rid of these items or pack them as you see fit.

Hiring a professional moving company can make your next move as simple as you choose to let it. You can sit back and watch or do some prep work and just have them do the heavy stuff. Either way, having a professional moving company be a part of your next move will definitely be easier than doing it all yourself!

Many websites provide additional information on the topic of professional movers. One such site worth visiting is

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