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Pressure Washer Trailer

Updated on January 31, 2011

Are you looking for pressure washer trailers? In this hub we feature trailer-mounted or trailer-mount pressure washer deals, plus buying tips and suggestions for would-be shoppers. Please feel free to browse around, read our short write-up, and see some of our featured products.

What are pressure washer trailers?

I realize that my term, and hub title, can attack two distinct product niches. The first and more obvious would be standalone trailers for pressure washers. The second is mobile trailer-mounted washers. Because I am somewhat of a self-confessed pressure washer connoisseur, I know there is a product segment for pressure washers that come on trucks or trailers. This is primarily because pressure washers are normally used on-location and having a movable unit works well to keep cleaning tasks more versatile.

If on the other hand you really are looking for custom trailer for your washer, my best bet and suggestion would be to have one customized. Manufacturers do not really sell separate trailers for their washers, because as previously suggested, they already have a product category for this. All the while, most of their smaller, consumer-grade washers come with wheels already. Making a custom trailer should be relatively cheap with the right parts. If you have some handyman experience, you can try building one for yourself to save even more.

Why pressure washers with trailers?

Aside from the obvious mobility issue presented above, trailer pressure washers are usually industry-grade washers that run on gas-powered engines. These range in sizes but most of them are hard to transport without their corresponding trailers. The heavier ones come with real full-sized trailer mechanism that attaches to automobiles. These can be very handy for those who run location cleaning services, or simple for those who need cleaning equipment in various places.

Buying tips

Since most of these washers are heavy-duty in nature, your familiar consumer-grade washer manufacturers might not have the products you seek. Some of these are made especially by pressure washer assemblers who source parts from various sources and make custom washers for different applications. The engines used in these are the same ones used in non-trailer washers, so if you are familiar with what they use, you should see at least something familiar in your future unit.

If you want to do this (shopping) all online, your best bet would be to go to pressure-washer specialty stores or cleaning supplies stores. In those you will find less-common, hardware-style washers so you will have more options to choose from. As for pricing, these units do not come cheap so expect to shed at least $1,500.00 automatically. If you think that is a little too overkill, you can go back to the suggestion of building a custom trailer for your consumer-grade washer. As always, good luck on your quest and I hope this hub has helped you in some way.


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