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Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Updated on August 5, 2016

Picking out the best pressure cooker in the department store could be quite confusing. Pressure cookers come in similar sizes, but with different capabilities, so picking the right one that will suit your kitchen or cooking needs can sometimes be confusing.

Most modern pressure cookers come in large sizes that could get some shoppers thinking that 'heavy-duty’ and 'large capacity' equals maximum cooking joy. But, it’s not very often you may want to take on bulky cooking feats. So, buying a pressure cooker that is the right size for cooking just a few servings is often overlooked by most shoppers.

However, the Presto pressure cooker comes with massively impressive features and capabilities for its size that will most certainly sway your decision its way. Apart from the ability to cook food faster than conventional cooking equipment, the Presto pressure cooker offers several other features that can be useful within your kitchen. The cooker is just the right size for cooking a meal for your small family or even just two servings and has amazing safety features that make your time in the kitchen effortless.

My Experience

I bought this cooker a few months ago, as my old one had broken during a catering job. I rushed out that morning to the nearest store and picked this out without doing any research. At the time, I just wanted something to finish up cooking with, because in my line of business I couldn’t afford not to have a cooker handy. The Presto pressure cooker blew me away; it was effective, portable and easy to use. Below are some of its features:

Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Pressure Cooker Main Features

• Capacity of 6-Quarts (5.7-liter equivalent)

The truth is, not everyone needs a large, heavy duty cooking pot. The absence of a smaller pressure cooker may often discourage you from preparing that meal you’ve been thinking about. You shouldn’t have to haul out your large, cook-for-ten pressure cooker when you’ve got a simple date for two, and you are trying to impress by preparing that amazing meal you’ve had on your mind for months. The Presto 6-Quart Pressure Cooker brings you the convenience of cooking your favorite dish in smaller quantities. This is, therefore, one of the handiest features of this pressure cooker as it brings sheer convenience with its size.

• Stainless Steel Body

Some people understand the usefulness of a proper stainless steel cooker. Stainless steel gives you years of durability without rust or wearing out for items with metallic surfaces. Therefore, buying the Presto 6-Quart Pressure Cooker gives you years of cooking without having to worry about maintenance or degrading of your cooking equipment. This is incredibly useful as most households may not utilize pressure cookers on a daily basis and therefore, months of storage in kitchen compartments may often lead to degrading of your kitchen equipment. The Presto cooker leaves no space for this as its stainless steel housing would give you years of quality and durability.

• Dishwasher friendly and easy-to-clean

After going through the stress of cooking your meal, you shouldn’t have to worry about how safe your equipment is in the dishwasher. The Presto 6-Quart Pressure Cooker comes with the impressive feature of being dishwasher friendly therefore providing ease when washing.

• Safety

One of the most important features your pressure cooker needs to possess is that of safety. This pressure cooker takes care of this, as it comes with a cover lock indicator showing when the pressure has built up within the cooker and prevents the lid from being opened. This safety feature brings the cooker to the top of the list when comparing with other cookers in its category.

• Ideal for all surfaces

The Presto pressure cooker is ideal for all surfaces ranging from gas, ceramic and even induction surfaces. This comes in quite handy as not all pressure cookers are built for these surfaces.

• Affordable

Having all of its features in mind, this may just be the one that most people will love. The Presto cooker comes across as one of the most affordable cookers in its range.

Your experience

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  • One of the biggest advantages of this cooker is its size. With a capacity of 6-Quarts, this pressure cooker is ideal for your small family. You may not always need to prepare large meals, and therefore, it brings the advantage of cooking a small meal in little time.
  • Its stainless steel body brings about extra durability and, therefore, would provide long-lasting convenience within your kitchen.
  • The safety feature of sealing its lid when the pressure reaches capacity means you do not have to add yourself to the list of people with awful tales about the cooker boiling over or even blowing up and spilling food all around the kitchen.
  • The fact that this pressure cooker is ideal for all surfaces also means that you do not have to worry about just which surface you put it on as it can cope with gas, induction, and ceramic surfaces.
  • Another useful feature of this pressure cooker is the ease to find replacement parts. Most brands have very limited parts for a replacement, but the Presto pressure cooker eliminates this problem and makes it possible to use for several years as you may since you could always buy replacement parts.
  • Also, if the price is a major driver, the Presto pressure cooker comes at an affordable price implying that you too can possess elegance in and around your kitchen area.


  • One of the most noticeable features of this cooker is the absence of a whistle to indicate when your food is ready. Therefore, timing is quite essential when using this cooker.
  • There are also several complaints about its handle, as screws often get loose and require tightening to ensure they remain secure. This comes across as unattractive for people who get discouraged at the thought of buying screwdrivers to tighten screws that may be loose.


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