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Primitive Box Signs: What Makes Them so Fun?

Updated on March 5, 2014

examples of Primitive box signs

For many people the printed word is more than just a combination of strokes and shapes. It is the doorway into new worlds and ideas, the means in which one communicates and expresses their thoughts, a platform for encouragement, laughter and works of art. The written word is sign of a group of people is civilized and provides the means by which to leave a part of ourselves for future generations. Words are powerful! But just as powerful as words, is communication through art. Art shows us beauty, pain, cheer, inspiration, humor and a glimpse into the creator’s soul. So, when one combines the power of the word with the emotions of art, the result is something special!

Over the years, artists have joined words with their medium to create engaging items for the home and office. One manifestation is the primitive box signs. These boxes may be made from a variety of mediums, though the most common is wood. Albeit, the wood of choice for a primitive box sign will vary based on the desired look for the finished product, but one typically find these quirky and expressive primitive box signs made using lightweight woods that have been distressed so that the words are prominently, and easily, read.

To make the primitive box signs fun and functional, the artist will include a cute witticism, a sentimental comment, an old adage or perhaps, a title such as Grandma, Dad or another familial one, along with a space for a picture or memento. The boxes may be actual boxes one might place on a coffee table, but the more common design is one that serves as wall art. The primitive box signs are often painted in muted tones and then distressed using sandpaper to give them a comfortable, country appearance. Of course, sometime might want one of these decorative boxes for specific times of the year. Don’t worry, they can also be found depicting pictures, patterns and phraseology for all the major holidays and many of those important events such as birthdays and anniversaries, too.

Yes, words are a huge part of our lives! They instruct, inspire, improve our way of thinking and add excitement to our lives. These beautiful primitive box signs are a great way to add variety to your home or office décor without being obtrusive. So if you are looking for a decorative item that provides a fun twist, then the primitive box signs are a great choice. To get started on your collection, check out your local arts and crafts stores, big box stores and specialty sites such as Davlins Woods. You are certain to find many pieces that inspire you!

Many websites provide additional information on the topic of primitive box signs. One such site worth visiting is

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