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Prince William County Homes For Sale

Updated on September 11, 2010

Prince William County Homes

In Virginia, you can find one of the largest income counties in the whole of United States. Prince William County has an estimated population of approximately four hundred thousand. This area is very popular for people and families who want to have easy access to Washington. You will find two different kinds of Prince William County Homes located in this area. These are homes that are newly built and resale homes.

The resale homes may consist of detached single family homes, condominiums, town homes and other kinds of property that has been purchased from the original owner of the property.These houses on average sell for approximately three hundred thousand dollars. If you are interested in buying a home that needs renovations or repairs you can find them to be priced at fifty thousand dollars, which is the cheapest that can be bought in Manassas.Also if you would like to buy Prince William County Homes that are also called luxury homes that have had a previous owner, you can get it at approximately two million dollars.These high priced homes usually consist of 10 acres or more.

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Call this toll free number 888-687-9012 and enter the zip code of the area in Prince William County for more information.No obligation.

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Call the toll free number and enter the zip code 20136 for more information on houses for sale in this area

Prince William County Homes
Prince William County Homes

Newly built Prince William County Homes offer different features that have been known to be very contemporary. Most of these types of homes have recently been built, so the are very modernized and have great designs.If you are interested in resale homes, you can get the same type houses that are available. The only difference between the two is that you will have to pay more, about fifty percent as these homes are newly built and ready for anyone to move in straight away.

The Prince William County Homes not only offer different types of houses such as town homes, condominiums and detached family homes, but they also offer houses that are specific for each location. This is important to the active population in this area. The homes in this area are located close together to form a community that is suitable for everyone.Within this community it is very secure and quiet and offers a great selection of amenities for you to use. Some of these include indoor pools, golf courses, exercise centers, parks and community centers.


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