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Princess Wall Stickers - Princess Wall Decals - Decorate Girls Room

Updated on April 2, 2011

Looking for princess wall stickers to decorate your child's room? Read on for tons of adorable princess wall decals to decorate a room for a princess of any age, from babies to teens! To use themed wall stickers, all you need to do is paint your walls a coordinating color (or clean your already painted or wallpaper walls), remove decals from their sheet and affix to create a eye-catching design for your child's princess themed room. Princess wall stickers can work great for designing the following:

  • In a baby girl's nursery
  • A princess themed room for any age
  • Playrooms
  • Daycare centers
  • Medical offices

Benefits of Princess Wall Stickers and Decals

No messy paints or glues needed

Let's face it, unfortunately not everyone is an artist. Wall stickers and decals allow anyone to get creative without having to worry about painting and making a potentially ugly mess on the wall.

Not permanent

Many wall stickers and wall decals are removable and repositionable. If your two year old suddenly hates being a princess, you can change the theme with new wall decals in a snap.

Get your child involved in the decorating process

While you probably don't want your five year old princess painting a solid color on the walls, she can assist you in assembling her very own princess mural with decorative wall stickers. Always read the packaging first, but many decals are repositionable so there is no harm done if something is a bit crooked.

Save money

Some people pay lots of money to paint murals or wall decorations on their child's walls. After a certain age, your child will grow out of their room's theme, so save lots of money by using wall decals and stickers instead. In fact, some princess wall stickers actually look like paint!

Princess Wall Stickers

From Disney Princesses, to castles to flowers to fairies, there are tons of adorable princess themed wall stickers for every type of princess room; which theme will you pick?! There are some really cool princess mural sets that allow you and your child to get creative and design your own mural, arranging the individual pieces as you see fit.

Always read the package, but many wall decals are repositionable! If you decide the draw-bridge should be more centered, no problem - simply reposition! Something's crooked? Peel it off and re-stick.

Princess wall stickers and decals add a special touch to any princess themed room!
Princess wall stickers and decals add a special touch to any princess themed room!

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    • relica profile image

      relica 7 years ago from California

      Using wall stickers to develop a princess theme in any little girl's room is sure to be a hit. Nice hub.