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Private Islands for sale

Updated on April 7, 2011

Is day-to-day life wearing you down? Are you sick of traffic jams, noisy neighbours, pollution and the stresses of modern life? Perhaps you just want to walk around naked without the neighbours looking at you strangely?

The answer is right in front of you - simply buy one of the many islands for sale!

There are literally thousands of private islands for sale around the globe, ranging from small undeveloped rocks in far flung locations, to luxurious private fiefdoms in tropical tax havens.

Understandably, the price you pay for these islands also differs a great deal with the most basic islands for sale costing less than $50,000, whilst the more prestigious can set you back tens, and in some cases, hundreds of millions of dollars. (Bear in mind that you may find it difficult to get a mortgage for many private islands for sale due to a lack of comparable sales for valuation purposes, so it’s best if you instead use the excess cash that is no doubt cluttering up your bank accounts.)

Remember, the very nature of an island means that you will need to have everything delivered to your island by boat or helicopter. Everyday essentials including caviar, champagne and poodle shampoo will need to be kept on hand in sufficient quantities to avoid running out at inconvenient times.

Below is a selection of private islands for sale that you really should consider:


The best private island for sale for: Anyone ridiculously wealthy..


Name: Li Galli Islands

Price: €195m

Location: Off the Italian coast near Positano

Comprising three small islands, the purchase price also includes a 2,900 m2 villa featuring 19 suites and accommodation for your 17 favourite staff.

These islands have only had 3 previous owners however their history dates to Roman times - there are even Roman ruins on the island.


The best private island for sale for: Deposed dictators


Name: Rangyai Island,

Price: $160m

Location: Thailand

At 110 acres in size, this island is adorned by beautiful white sand beaches and lush tropical forests.

What's more, it's located just 50 miles from Phuket International Airport – an easy 20 mins flight in your armoured helicopter.


The best private island for sale for: Fans of Johnny Depp...or David Copperfield


Name: Naming rights available

Price: Price: $75m

Location: Exuma, Bahamas

Located in the tax-neutral Bahamas, ownership of this island comes complete with Bahamian residency and boasts multiple dwellings including:

  • A Manor House complete with fitness centre, chapel and infinity pool, private helipad and seaplane, deep draft docks, fresh water treatment plant, a power system and communications systems
  • Beach Cottage
  • Harbormaster House
  • Two guest cottages to accommodate 22 people
  • Staff quarters for 29 people
  • Celebrity neighbors including Johnny Depp and David Copperfield


The best private island for sale for: Those who demand to dine solely in their own restaurant


Name: Island of Capuccini

Price: €35m

Location: Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, Italy

An island of three hectares with four luxury three-bedroom villas, in addition to a boathouse, swimming pool, and clubhouse.

Comes complete with your own private restaurant


Name: Isla Gatun

Price: $30,000

Location: Panama

Your own private 3000m2 island located in one of the largest man-made lakes in the world and comes complete with:

  • A septic tank and toilet bowl (the remnants of a previous dwelling now no longer standing)
  • Cell phone coverage
  • Monkeys


Remember, you get what you pay for – electricity, water, and waste disposal all need to be developed, and with some of the smaller islands there isn’t necessarily a site on the island suitable for building.

You could always put up a tent I suppose, and for many who are simply looking for some peace and quiet, that’s probably enough.

Private island for sale - Nicaragua


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    • AllSuretyBonds profile image

      AllSuretyBonds 6 years ago

      Great Hub. I would definitely love to own my own island! That would be a nice little getaway!

    • Alhamora profile image

      Alhamora 6 years ago from North

      I wish I had one of those for myself.