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Solutions to Common Problems in Raising Red Worms

Updated on December 18, 2011

Problems raising Red Wigglers cannot be avoided. Those are always part of the process and of your growth in the worm composting world. However, you have to familiarize yourself with those hassles so that I case they come, you won’t be caught unguarded.

One of the most common struggles in Raising Red worms is their “escaping nature” especially if they are not yet familiar with their environment.  This has something to do with their adaptability.  Obviously, they need time to adjust.  And to keep them from leaving their bin, you can give them a little dose of light.  Red Wiggler worms do hate light so if you expose them to such, they will bury themselves in the bin thus allowing you to keep them there.

Second, there are times when you would want to keep track of their activities.  But since they love darkness, it may be hard to do so.  Well, while Red worms are sensitive, you can use red light to check on them because this is the only one that they can tolerate.

Third problem during worm composting may be the stinking odor. This is caused by either too much food in the bin or the existence of meat, dairy products or fish. It is necessary that you only feed the worms with enough organic materials. Leftovers will cause foul odor.

Fourth problem in Raising Red Wigglers would be insects and molds. Sometimes, aside from too much food, it’s also caused by the lack of bedding. Too much food with less bedding would create moisture inside the bin. This then will invite flies and insects. To solve the problem, you may for the meantime stop giving them food and supply more shredded newspapers. This will make the flies leave the bin as the rotting materials will be covered with more bedding.


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