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An All Natural Clean at Home! Simple Green!

Updated on December 3, 2017
Simply Green
Simply Green

Simple Clean? Simple Green!

Most of us clean freaks grew up in households where our mothers cleaned house everyday with Pine Sol, bleach, Ajax or Comet, and other harsh chemicals. Under most sinks and cabinets is a plethora of chemicals that are dangerous to people, their pets, the environment, and our water supply. The best all round, all purpose cleaner that I use on a regular basis is a product called Simple Green.

Sunshine Makers Inc.

Simple Green is a brand of cleaning supplies manufactured by Sunshine Makers Inc. Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner is one of the best all-purpose cleaning solutions on the market. My uncle introduced me to it in 2003 and I have been using it ever since. It is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable cleaner which means it is safe to use around my kids and my pets, and even around those of us with sensitive skin, it works without any issues. It is concentrated which makes it strong and potent, making it good for cleaning tough stains, so it can be used to clean any surface and fabric. An added benefit is that you can dilute Simple Green from its full-strength if you need to for a varying degree of clean.

Simply Amazing

Simple Green can also be used to soak the grimy dirt away on things as well. For example, I poured enough Simple Green into a container and placed my all white sneakers into the solution to clean the rubber around my shoes overnight and they looked like new the next morning. It will save you time & money because you will no longer need to replace your heavily stained fabrics. Simple Green is awesome at cleaning the kitchen and breaking up grease on the stove, the oven, etc. We now use it in our home for windows, the bathrooms and kitchen cleaning, and it works. I would even spray some Simple Green on some of the toughest mildew and molds and they would just come right off.

My only complaint is that the minty-green scent has the strongest smell ever for those of you with a sensitive nose. However, when it is diluted you can barely smell it. It does not have the stereotypical cleaner scents like 409, bleach or Pine Sol. And although, the smell may be overwhelming to some, the fact that it cleans everything is well worth it. From using it on my whitewall tires on my car making them look new, to spraying it on some tough stains on my laundry, Simple Green really is one of the best all-use cleaning products around and has been for years. You will hardly need to buy any another cleaners because Simple Green is simply amazing!


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