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Product Review: Smart Solar San Rafael Estate Solar Mission Lantern

Updated on November 12, 2013

My husband recently completed the construction of a roof to cover our patio in the backyard. The new structure is very large in scale, and it is in proportion to our tall, narrow house. We wanted to select solar lanterns to mount on the columns of the new structure that would match the scale, as well as be a good, solar powered light source.

I ordered the Smart Solar San Rafael Estate Solar Mission Lanterns listed on in July 2013. The lights are very large, measuring 11.5L x 11.5W x 24.75H in. I also purchased the hooks from Amazon to match. The lanterns are solar powered and use replaceable batteries.

The lantern is heavy; it probably weighs close to 6 pounds. It is made of metal and plastic parts, but looks like rubbed bronze. The glass sides of the lantern have little bubbles that look like raindrops; they make interesting shadows if you place the light near a wall or floor. There is a row of LED lights in the top of the lantern and the pillar candle inside is also lit by LED. This lantern is not meant to be a spotlight or super bright, but it does emit a very pleasant soft glow. The lights come on around dusk and last well into the night.

Our lanterns have been mounted outside in direct sunlight and have been in contact will the elements including hail. They have never failed to come on or stay lit. They have not leaked moisture or retained condensation inside the lantern.

This was a great purchase for a decent price compared to other lights that are much smaller. If you are looking for a large scale solar light, this one can't be beat for the price and value.


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