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Product Review: West Loop 20-Ounce AUTOSEAL Travel Mug

Updated on August 21, 2011
West Loop 20-Ounce AUTOSEAL Travel Mug
West Loop 20-Ounce AUTOSEAL Travel Mug | Source

Do you need a big cup of coffee to get yourself going on the morning? Do you enjoy taking a travel mug full of coffee along with you on your morning commute? Do you wish you could find a travel mug that’s just a little bit larger than the standard 16-ounce mugs that are so easy to find? If so, you’ll be excited to discover that Contigo’s popular AUTOSEAL West Loop line of travel mugs now includes a 20 ounce version.

Evaluating the West Loop 20-Ounce AUTOSEAL Travel Mug

The folks at Contigo sent me a sample of the mug to try for myself, so I have been able to check it out and evaluate its features and benefits for myself. It didn’t take long, however, for a co-worker who has a much longer commute than I do to “borrow” it, so my personal evaluation time was limited. The “borrower”, however, has reported back regarding how much he likes the mug; so much so that I don’t think he’ll be returning it to me any time soon.

Based on my observations, as well as those of my coworker, the West Loop 20-Ounce AUTOSEAL Travel Mug was definitely designed with the needs and preferences of coffee drinkers and commuters in mind. It has a number of great features that make it easy to use and that appeal to people who enjoy drinking coffee (and other hot beverages) and who like to consume their drinks of choice on-the-go.

For example, the AUTOSEAL technology that makes the mug virtually spill-proof is a great feature. The mug’s seal defaults to a closed position. In order to drink, you have to press a button to release the seal and sip. The button is easy to operate. In fact, it is much easier to use than the sliding sip covers feature on many of the available travel mugs. The AUTOSEAL feature greatly reduces the likelihood of experiencing an unexpected spill.

Additionally, the fact that the mug is closed in between sips helps keep the temperature of your beverage warmer for longer, a terrific advantage for those who have relatively long commutes or who like to sip their coffee slowly over a long period of time.

Product Development Background

Contigo developed this particular travel mug was based on feedback from consumers about what they want in a travel mug. According to Sami Elsaden, CEO of Contigo, “We get feedback from our customers every day, and their wonderful comments and support for the original West Loop are what inspired the new 20 oz. version. The additional four ounces of capacity coupled with the spill-proof technology, has made this new product a great addition to the product line.”

For Additional Information

You can find the West Loop 20-Ounce AUTOSEAL Travel Mug at stores and online retailers throughout the U.S. For more information about this item, and other innovative products from Contigo, visit


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