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Product Review: Phone Covers from Real Wood

Updated on February 16, 2014

I am always on a hunt for new and original eco-friendly products but when it comes to eco-friendly cell phone covers, I was always searching in vain. The covers I find on the internet are usually made from plastic and don't really suit my taste. A couple of weeks ago, however, I discovered the website balolo that offers decorative and protective wooden covers for phones, tablets, laptops, keyboards and even Apple TVs. I decided to give it a go and ordered a wooden cover made from walnut wood for my Samsung from their website. The results were unexpected.

My Walnut Wooden Samsung Cover

Four Types of Wood

Balolo distributes four types of wood including walnut wood, bamboo, zebrawood and cherry tree wood. Bamboo is one of my favorite materials as it is the fastest growing plant on Earth and thus an eco-friendly resource. A bamboo forest is renewed completely within five years and cutting the bamboo even incites its growth. Cherry tree wood is a visually very attractive wood with a reddish texture and durable qualities. The walnut covers have the most noble appearance and really stand out in the product range. In terms of aesthetics, walnut wood is my favorite and was the material I chose for my Samsung cover. And finally, zebrawood rounds off the product range, a wood that originates in Africa. This type of wood is not the classy type but it's a real eye catcher.

Easy Application

I am neither good at decorating nor technically skilled and even framing pictures gives me a headache. The application of my walnut wooden Samsung cover couldn't have been easier though. After pulling off the protective film, I aligned the cover and pressed it on the back of the phone and it stuck on perfectly.


I really appreciated the fact that Balolo contributes to environmental protection. First of all, wood is a biodegradable material in contrast to plastic which takes up to 500 years to decompose. Second, I am a big fan of anything made from bamboo, from socks to furniture to kitchen supplies. The fact that there is something as innovative as protective bamboo covers for communications technology was great news to me.

Personalization & Uniqueness

I really loved the fact that you can have a text or a picture of your choice laserengraved on the cover. It makes your cover unique and gives it a great personal value. I didn't choose an engraving for my walnut wood cover as I wanted the wood itself to be the center of attention with its perfect smooth surface and reddish tint. In case I should ever decide to buy another balolo product, however, it will definitely be a bamboo cover with my dachshunds engraved on it.

No Lateral Protection

One of the unfortunate things about the phone covers is that it does not provide any side protection like the classical plastic protective covers. Thus, if my cell phone falls, which happens quite often, there is no protection offered by the wooden covers. Wood may be eco-friendly, stable and very decorative but it's obviously not as bendy and flexible as plastic and thus does not offer a protection of 100%. However, for those wanting a flawless protection of their phones and ipads at all times, there are bumpers you can buy online that protect the sides of the iphone. Unfortunately, eco-friendly bumpers is something I haven't online found so far. That is something I will be keeping a look out for.


Innovative Products Yes, But Not for Everyone

The first time I ever saw a wooden cover for keyboards was on the balolo website. I think this idea is absolutely fantastic. However, it currently only exists for Apple keyboards as the keys on other keyboards are not flat and wouldn't allow the wooden protective keys to hold. I guess we either have to wait until Windows starts producing flatter keyboards or we'll just have to keep envying the avid Mac users that can make use of this enviable protective technology.


A big bonus is that worldwide shipping is free, unless you request express shipping which costs an additional 5€. As the company is based in Germany, a standard delivery would take between 10-15 days to the US. If you intend to send someone a cover as a present for their birthday, Valentine's Day or Christmas, make sure to have it shipped three weeks in advance to ensure it arrives in time.

The Pros and Cons at a Glance

Lateral Protection
Shipping Costs
Shipping Time Outside of Germany

All in all, the wooden protective covers from Balolo are an interesting new and stylish way of protecting phones, keyboards, ipads and laptops. Personalizing them through engraving will make you stand out from the crowd and have a unique design. The different types of wood, colors and textures suit different tastes and give consumers a nice but clear range of eco-friendly options.

The wooden material does pose problems such as rigidity which does not make it suitable as a lateral protection for the device. Furthermore, not all devices can be equipped with the wooden covers which deprives some users of the joy of using these innovative products.

Nevertheless, I am enjoying my walnut wooden case and have received a lot of positive feedback from friends and family. I will be checking their website in the future to see whether they have come up with anything new and I am pretty sure they will.


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    • Jennifer Madison profile imageAUTHOR

      Jennifer Madison 

      4 years ago from Lohmar

      Thank you Jacjac, I am glad you share my opinion regarding plastic.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Very nice! Finally something besides plastic. I love the wood design!


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