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Products to Keep Dogs and Cats Out of the Yard

Updated on September 8, 2009

Tired of dogs marking your property as their territory?

While you may love your dog and cat immensely not all your neighbors may share your feelings. There may be people that are obsessed over their flowerbeds and hate your dog for stepping on them or worse, urinating on them and there may neighbors that literally cannot stand your cat  digging and pooping in their yards. Such hate is not very good for your relationship with your neighbor. It is unfortunate that some neighbors may decide to bring justice to their yard by even placing strategic poison baits for your cat or dog.

Yet, it does not have to be this way. There are other less devastating solutions such neighbors may resort to, without killing innocentcreatures such as beloved pets. One of these great products is the Liquid Fence. If you are one of those that hate having your neighbor's pet disturb the soil in your yard or leave odorous tracks behind, you will be happy to learn that products such as the Liquid Fence may finally provide protection to your yard without having to fight  with the pet owner or even harm their pets. 

The Liquid Fence is a natural spray made of biodegradable plant oils that comes in two convenient sizes. There is the one quart ready to use size specifically for spot on applications and the much larger gallon ready to use size that is best for larger areas. In order to work, the product simply needs to be sprayed in the areas were pets are unwelcomed. Popular areas where the product is used the most consist of: lawns, flower beds, trash cans, flower pots, trees and bushes. 

The spray best of all is safe it does not harm the pets in any way. The Liquid Fence works by masking the smells that pets have left behind prior to its application. In other words, pets like to frequent specific areas because they have left their scent there. This becomes a routine and oets therefore, come back over and over. The Liquid Fence will mask such smells and cause the pet to feel uneasy because it no longer carries their familiar scent. 

The spray will generally last for a week or so. At first, several applications may be needed until the unwelcomed pet begins to change their routine. Sooner than later, the pet will give up and leave the territory as it is no longer appreciated as before. The Liquid Fence therefore, may be a very effective product to keep unwelcomed dogs and cats out of yards while not harming them and keeping relationships with neighbors in good standing.


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    • kartika damon profile image

      kartika damon 

      9 years ago from Fairfield, Iowa

      This was good to know! Thanks, Kartika


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