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Proper CD/DVD Storage Is A Necessity For Any Media Disc Collector

Updated on March 20, 2011

CD/DVD Storage Can Fit Neatly Into Your Decor

 You may not be aware that odd nooks and narrow gaps in your home can be altered to accommodate significant CD/DVD storage. If you're doing some renovating, consider combining aesthetics with practicality for your CD/DVD storage needs. With the proper design any gap can quickly be transformed into a useful CD/DVD storage space.

You don't have to keep all your CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, and BluRays in a big pile in your closet and have to rummage through them every time you're trying to find an old Sim City 3000 CD-ROM, your favorite Sting CD, your DVD of Star Trek: First Contact, or your entire Harry Potter BluRay set! After all you're not digging for gold or trying to find the last radish in your garden before the frost hits, you're a media disc collector and you should be organized!

If you have the discs, you can find CD/DVD Storage large enough to hold them all!
If you have the discs, you can find CD/DVD Storage large enough to hold them all!

CD/DVD Storage Can Get Your Collection Organized

There are a myriad of ways to get your media disc collection organized so that you can find whatever disc you're looking for with a minimum of muss, fuss and bother. First of all you have to make a decision as to where your storage area will be located.

Built-in shelving under a window or table can be either hidden or open storage. Drawers are perfect for CD/DVD storage if you want them hidden away. A small clothes dresser could house your collection and serve as a stand for a stereo or TV.

Some styles of coffee tables come with drawers for tucking away clutter which could instead be used for CD/DVD storage. Even a storage ottoman or piano bench would work wonderfully.

CD/DVD Storage Drawers can hold many discs!
CD/DVD Storage Drawers can hold many discs!

CD/DVD Storage Racks & Cabinets Are Available

If you have just one CD rack or a whole wall full of CD racks, your CD storage cabinet and DVD storage cabinet can serve all your DVD and CD storage needs!

CD storage units paired up with DVD storage units form the answer to holding all your media storage! DVD storage solutions such as DVD storage boxes can act as CD storage units as well as the dimensions of the jewel cases is identical.

Therefore your storage DVD unit can also be a form of CD storage, all in one convenient and practical set of units. Storage is important for discs as you certainly don't want them spread out all over your house!

CD/DVD Storage can be combined into a Home Theatre setup!
CD/DVD Storage can be combined into a Home Theatre setup!

CD/DVD Storage In The Bedroom. Why Not?

 Under the bed storage is great. Most people don't utilize this space to its full potential. Pick up some plastic storage containers designed specifically for this space, or even plain cardboard boxes if they'll be hidden by a dustruffle, fill them with CDs or DVDs and slide them under your bed.

Some other spaces in the bedroom that are useful for CD/DVD storage include closet shelves, storage chests, or the area under a window seat.

Store 100 CD/DVDs Neatly

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