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Proper Handling of Household Waste Disposal

Updated on April 21, 2010

How do you see Garbage?

We see our garbage as stinky and messy. But, did you ever stop and wonder why there’s more to waste disposal service than just taking out the trash? Safety is always the priority when we're talking about waste management.

There's no one else to blame but yourself if you choose to ignore your waste disposal responsibilities. In every home, it is good to have a clean and well maintained trash container. This means that you are doing everything you can to keep your family out of harm's way.

The Best Practices to Waste Disposal

It is important to know the best practices to waste disposal to ensure your family's safety. It is advisable that you always check that your container should always be properly closed. this should be done to avoid rodent and flies attack carrying harmful diseases or sicknesses that can harm your family as well as the whole neighborhood. Also make sure that your garbage bags are tied pretty tight before placing them inside your garbage container to avoid bacteria buildup.

It is also a nice practice to keep your garbage container clean at all times. Garbage bags that are tightly sealed will surely prevent leaks. One more thing, you should also not allow throwing things on the garbage container that contain liquid. If this is done, garbage would be less messy.

More of the Best Practices to Waste Disposal

Sharp things or broken items should be wrapped carefully with paper or plastic to avoid any further injuries likes scrapes and cuts. It is also a very good practice to be able to label your garbage containers properly from disposable to non-disposable garbage. Make every effort to let every family member become aware of your household's garbage rules. It is also best to start doing this while your kids are still young so that when they grow older they can carry the good habit with them and eventually also teach it to their future kids. Doing this means that you're not only helping solve the current problem on waste disposal management but of future generations as well.

You may not know what to do with other items that you need disposed like tires, appliances, liquids, batteries, flammable items, construction debris, etc. But, you can actually get some kind of bonus or reward if you dispose them properly. To get rewarded, seek out depots where you can give such mentioned garbage to them. It is a small incentive but it's better than having none at all.

Being a Responsible Citizen

Last but not the least, being aware of the guidelines regarding waste disposal is of importance. This would help you avoid fines and penalties set by the community or the government itself. 

Handling trash properly is of utmost relevance. It is important to make it a habit because it will not only save present generations from the consequences of improper handling of trash but also future generations. Applying the mentioned techniques above would not only qualify you as a responsible citizen but also as someone greatly contributing into making this world a better place to live in.


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    • profile image

      Tom @ Skip Hire 6 years ago

      Good advice. When it comes to larger scale disposal from the home it's always worth considering hiring a skip. That way the waste should get disposed of properly and the whole process is pretty efficient.