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Property For Sale by Owner

Updated on July 29, 2011

Superb Detached Chalet Bungalow For Sale by Owner

The Gables, Walcott Road,Billinghay Lincoln LN4 4EH For further details go to
The Gables, Walcott Road,Billinghay Lincoln LN4 4EH For further details go to

For Sale by Owner

A new generation of Home Owners are not satisfied with selling their houses through Estate Agents.This is understandable with commissions ranging from 1% to 3% and the lack of mature experienced staff to provide value for money and first class service.
The current trend seems to be for Estate Agents to rely heavily on websites like Rightmove.
Also the design quality of brochures,both graphics and descriptive narratives leaves a lot to be desired.
It would appear that only the up market estate agents are able to produce quality brochures.
When I search for a property to purchase, I am greatly influenced by firstly an advert whether in a newspaper,website or brochure.Secondly by the quality of design, photo's and description of the property.
Having discussed the matter with friends and acquaintances ,who have the same opinions, I decided to investigate the possibility of selling my property by creating my own website and brochure.
I sought the advice of a good friend who recommended the web hosting company 1 & 1.
They offer a range of options which includes an online web creation package.
I signed up for the basic option.
My next step was to design my website using a pencil and paper.This saves a lot of time when actually constructing the website.
1 & 1 provide help, support and tutorials,which I found to be very useful.
The next step was to create a brochure.
This I did by searching the web for up market estate agents and selecting some of their properties to view online.Most had brochures that could be downloaded.
The format is by a PDF file.
I then studied the way these brochures had been designed and took notes on how I could incorporate some of the ideas into my own brochure.
Again I used pencil and paper to sketch out a design.
I then used software to create the separate pages of my brochure.
The next step was to combine all the pages and save as a PDF file.
The two distinct advantages were I could embed the file into my website,for viewers to download, and it can also be used to provide the details to a professional printer.
The PDF file can also be printed on my desktop inkjet printer.
Go take a look at my website and once your in try the brochure link.
I will on a later Hub Page:-
Describe how I designed my website and brochure.
Explain how I'm trying to promote my website.


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