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Property for rent

Updated on March 24, 2017

Scaffold and cranes hire

There are many builders that build everything  but even the biggest builder hires some equipment like scaffolding, when they build, say some apartments. To build the scaffolding you need a special gang of people called riggers.
There are many builders that build everything but even the biggest builder hires some equipment like scaffolding, when they build, say some apartments. To build the scaffolding you need a special gang of people called riggers. | Source
Cranes are other equipment that most builders hire, they are very useful to lift heavy weights; because cranes are very expensive machinery to own, so, most builder hire them when they need them, so this is the way to go.
Cranes are other equipment that most builders hire, they are very useful to lift heavy weights; because cranes are very expensive machinery to own, so, most builder hire them when they need them, so this is the way to go. | Source

House renting and hiring other stuff

Welcome to our article, ((20) (47)) Property for rent

Dear readers, in this article about property for rent, we continue to talk about house building, real estate and properties and how we use them during our lives, you see, we build houses to live in them. We do that to satisfy our needs, because we want to feel safe in our own house. But today, you don’t need to build your own house, because you can also rent them for a price, which would very likely be more convenient for some people.

Today renting a house or an apartment is the way to go, it is very popular, you cannot start talking about renting anything, that we think about renting or leasing a house, or some other accommodation, because this is the most important need that people have after feeding themselves, since everybody needs food and shelter to live well. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss about rental properties and some hiring equipment, just to show you that today people don't have to own everything they use. Because they can be rented for a price.

The rental market is formed by two groups of people, one group of people have no properties or not enough properties for their own use, and because of this shortage they want to rent properties from those that are willing to rent their property for an agreed price, so, they are on the market looking to find the right property to rent.

On the other hand, there are people that own a property or several properties that they have bought, or they have built these properties for renting to other people, because they know that there is a market of supply and demand on these properties for rent. Anyhow this is how the rental market works.

In today markets, not only you can rent a house, an apartment, or some other commercial or industrial properties, but you can also hire many things. Here in Australia you can rent even furniture and white goods as well. Most times it works better this way, you see, even the builders while they are building hire many things, let us mention a couple of things that are usually hired; scaffolding is usually hired, there are firms that will also build it up for you, cranes are usually hired, and other heavy equipment are usually hired, and many other things can be hired for a price, as long as there is a market for supply and demand.

But now, let us go back to talk about houses or other accommodation for rent; as we all know every one of us have our own ways of doing things, because everyone of us might be in a different position, also every one of us has his ways of doing these things. So, to write about this rental property article we should write it our own way, therefore let us see what we have been writing lately, and tell our story our own way, the best way we can, as we have done in our section D.I.Y brickwork etc. Because now we want to talk about renting a property ourselves. So, let us talk about it here-under.

D.I.Y property for rent

Lately in this DIY section we have mainly talked about how to build houses, units and other accommodation and perhaps even some industrial property. Okay we have done that or at least part of it anyhow, but at this point of time one may start asking about the use of these properties that have been built, renovated or repaired, because it would be obvious that we could not keep all of them for our own use, so the properties that we have talked about, if they have not an owner that uses them already, they have to be sold or rented, so, we have to decide how we will do that, it is a fact of life.

So, let us say at this point of time, that we have been lucky enough in our life, and today we happen to have some properties that we are renting, now a unit has become vacant, so, we need to rent this unit again. Because we have this extra property that we are not going to use for ourselves, we should consider renting it, as soon as possible. But who is going to do the renting we have to decide, of course, we could go to the local real estate agents, and ask them to let our property, they would be glad to do it for a price, but in this case we have decided not to use the real estate agents, because we would like to have a go at renting this property ourselves, at least we would like to try, because we could save money and also learn something from doing it our own way.

We have some experience about renting and we know that sometimes it is not easy to rent yourself, but we are willing to have a go, because we believe that by renting ourselves, we don’t have to pay the real estate agent first of all, and then we believe that we would have more control on the rental property, just because we are the owners and would try harder to see anything that needs to be done.

However we are not as knowledgeable as the real estate agent, since he is an expert on these sort of things, and also sometimes it is not easy to discuss things directly with the tenants; you see the real estate agent has some advantage in this field, not only because it is his job, but because he is a third person, so when he does not want to clarify some inquiries to the new tenant, he can always say that he would like to talk to the owner first; there is also something else that the agents have but the owners do not, you see they can look at the pool of rental records, and see whether the new tenant has a good rental record, or has been listed on a black list, meaning that these tenants are trouble.

Anyhow we know all this and we still would like to rent our property ourselves, so let us discuss how we are going to do it and the reasons for doing it, because we have this property for rent and that is a fact of life.

But let us first explain how this happen. Dear readers let us say that today we are going out of our usual way, sometimes it is necessary to do this because this is how life usually turn out to be, I would describe life thus; life has many links, they link one after another and we move from one link to another, so, you can start with something and as you move about in next link, things may start to change and as you continue everything changes even more, so you may end up by saying or doing something else altogether, but at the same time those links are still linked to one another, now this description above, is about the same thing that is happening to our DIY hubs, we have started by building houses, and now we are renting houses. So, let us continue.

The property for rent

There are five units in this property and unit number 3 has just become available, it is an old style brick veneer block of flats, but the units are well kept inside and it is in a quite street of Coorparoo Brisbane, which is a sought after location.
There are five units in this property and unit number 3 has just become available, it is an old style brick veneer block of flats, but the units are well kept inside and it is in a quite street of Coorparoo Brisbane, which is a sought after location. | Source

Unit available for rent

We all know that in our hubs we have been talking about working in the building industry building houses, units and other buildings; in this article, we are taking the liberty to rent our houses or apartments, or whatever my family or close friends have available for rent. I reckon that this is still another link of the same chain, since we are still talking about houses, apartment and therefore people accommodations.

The aim of this hub it two folds, one is that we are taking our readers in a journey of how to rent a property if you have one, so, one could say that it is DIY rentals, the other aim is really to rent our property, if we are lucky to find a good tenant from our written advertisement here, but, if this sort of advertisement does not bring any would be tenants, then we will have to find another way, so we will have to place other advertisement on the internet and if necessary in a local newspaper.

There are a lot of other things that one should know if you own a property for rent, but we don’t want to talk about this at the beginning of our hub, because first of all we would like to show you, or at least tell you about our property for rent, you see it is important to show this property for rent as soon as possible, otherwise any readers that is really serious of find a rental property may get tired and stop reading our advertisement; So it would be better to tell the readers as soon as possible what we want to rent, which is this flat or unit, so let us describe what we have today, and lets write an ad as close as possible how these rental ads are written; so this is how I would write my add starting from the location of the property, the location of the property is very important, because that is the first thing that would be tenants would chose, so, let us start with the name of the suburb or town of this rental property:


Writing the rental ad

Make no mistake; this is real ad and a real unit to rent, so, if you live in Brisbane you could apply to live in this unit, if you require one. but if you would like to read our hub just to keep informed that's okay, as we are trying to say a few things that might be interesting, whether you are a landlord or a tenant, there is something to learn, at least we will be trying to interest you.

Because this article is going to stay in hub pages for a long time, and perhaps one day we might also add other properties for rent, at the top of our ads we will state whether the property is available or not, by using these two phrases: Available from today, when the property is really available; or Not available any more rented, or sold, when the property is no longer available.



Coorparoo, Brisbane

These are affordable rentals

Available soon, a two bedrooms part furnished or unfurnished unit,

Location; unit 2-28 Hipwood Avenue Coorparoo, Brisbane Qld 4151

Cost $280.00 PW plus bond, this will be discussed on inspection if required

To inspect call Frank; Tel. 07-33979614 or email us at this address,

Tenants that qualify will be asked to sign a RTA agreement for three months minimum.

Some photo to show the property will be downloaded soon

Hope to see you soon, if you need to rent a unit in Brisbane


What we need to know about renting

The landlords should know how to price the property for rent, they should look around and see the prices of other similar property in the same location or surrounding suburbs, they should not be greedy wanting more money than what their property is worth, therefore they should ask for a fair price, even if sometimes that price is not making much profit, well this is how I believe it should be done. They should also make sure that the incoming tenants are good people, can afford the rent, and they rent the property for their own personal use, above all the incoming tenants should not rent the property to have lots of people leaving there, they should understand that they should state the number of people that would be living at the property, they have also to supply their names in writing, when they apply to rent the property. There are also some other restrictions that the landlord will let you know when you want to apply for the property and many other things.

Would be tenants should know that you pay the market price for what you get, so if they have not rented before, it would be wise to inspect a few properties, before they decide which one to get, you see, it is important to know that you are not being ripped off, they should also make sure somehow that they are dealing with the owner or a person that has legal authority to rent the premises in the owner name. We are saying this because in the news sometimes we see these con men that make believe that they own a property, when they might have only access to the property, so, they may show you the property grab your money and run.

In order to avoid most of these drawbacks the landlord needs to ask many questions, in order to make sure that the tenants are what they say they are; the tenants also needs to ask some questions, they should at least make sure that they are dealing with the owners or their legal representative.

These are really the main things that we all should be trying to do when we are renting a property, of course there are a lot more that could be said, but we will leave it for next time, when I edit this hub.

We will say more about this soon.

Because, we are talking about house and real estate, here-under is a link about buying a house.

Things You Should Check Before Buying A Home



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