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Pros and Cons of Buying Bathroom Remodeling Materials Online

Updated on April 29, 2011

Before you break ground on remodeling your bathroom, you are likely to do to some shopping and comparing of local prices with the prices you can get from ordering supplies and materials online. After all, practically everybody hits the Internet prior to buying anything anymore. Before you start filling up your online shopping cart with your bathroom remodel supplies and materials, first consider the pros and cons of getting the items you need in this way.


One of the disadvantages of shopping online is the shipping charges you pay. Typically, the bigger the item or the more items you buy, the higher the shipping costs are that you pay. This is not the case, however, if you are able to get free shipping from the supplier. In the cases where you do have to pay shipping fees, make sure that the price of the item is the same or less than the item you can buy in the local store. For example, if you have to order a new bathtub and have to pay shipping, the cost for shipping this item may far outweigh any savings on the cost of the actual tub.


Quality is another factor to consider when shopping for bathroom remodeling supplies online. If you are searching for a specific item using the name, model or item number from an item you have seen in a local store, then you have had the opportunity to touch and feel the quality of the product first hand. If, however, you are simply picking an item from an online supplier, you do not have the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the product until you receive the shipment. By this time, if the quality is sub-par, it may be too late because then you have to pay return shipping fees or you’re stuck with the item because of the no returns policy of the online store.


The primary reason that shoppers look for bathroom remodeling supplies online is to save money, but it’s also to save time. Online shopping alleviates the need to run around all over town to shop and compare prices. While shopping online does save you time, you don’t want to trade your time savings as a sacrifice for the quality of the materials you buy to remodel your bathroom. If you know what you want, however, you can find and pay for your bathroom remodeling supplies online in as little as a few minutes.

Shopping for and buying bathroom remodeling supplies online has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Consider the good and the bad of finding and ordering your supplies this way. Paying to remodel your bathroom is expensive and you want to make sure that you buy cost effective supplies, but that the supplies are also of high quality.


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