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Protect Yourself Against Germs with Sit Easy Toilet Seat Sanitizer

Updated on October 25, 2011

Do you visit public restrooms more than you would like? If you spend time traveling, shopping or dining out, chances are that you can definitely answer yes to this question. Do you wish there was a way that you could better protect yourself against germs when visiting public toilet facilities? With Sit Easy Toilet Seat Sanitizer, you can do just that. Find out more about this interesting personal protection product.

About Sit Easy Toilet Seat Sanitizer

Sit Easy Toilet Seat Sanitizer is one product that is described accurately by its name. This product is designed to help remove germs from toilet seats, providing you with a way to protect yourself against exposure to germs in public restrooms.

While you may not have thought about the need for a toilet seat sanitizer before, this is a product that certainly makes sense when you stop and think about just what you might be exposed to when visiting public restrooms. After all, when you visit a public restroom, you really don’t have any idea who has been using the toilet, how often it has been cleaned or what kind of products were used to clean it.

If you carry a container of Sit Easy Toilet Seat Sanitizer with you when you travel or are out and about running errands or socializing, however, you can take steps to make sure that germs that are present on the toilet seat aren’t transferred to your body. Simply spray the toilet seat before using it and you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you’ve taken care of killing just about any germs that might be lingering from previous users.

Sit Easy Toilet Seat Sanitizer is made from a citric acid solution that is formulated specifically to kill germs that tend to lurk on surfaces. The solution is free from odors, chemicals, pesticides and alcohol, so it is safe to use. It also has the ability to kill 99.99% of the germs and bacteria present on toilet seats and other surfaces.

Using Sit Easy Toilet Seat Sanitizer

You don’t have to limit your use of Sit Easy to toilet seats. You can keep bathroom germs from transferring to your hands by spraying public restroom door handles with the product before opening them. It also can help sanitize airplane seat arm rests and tray tables, luggage handles, shopping cart handles, vehicle car handles, counter and table tops and more. Just think of how many germs you can avoid exposing yourself to by using Sit Easy Toilet Seat Sanitizer.

Using Sit Easy is simple. To disinfect surfaces, just spray the product on the surface that you want to disinfect. It kills germs within ten seconds, so you can wait that long and wipe down the surface, then use it. If you’d prefer not to wipe the surface, wait for a total of about 45 seconds to pass and it’ll have dried by itself. You’ll be able to go after whatever task you set out to accomplish without worrying about germs.

Ready to Try Sit Easy?

Are you ready to try Sit Easy for yourself? As of the fall of 2011, you can order the product from Watch for it to become available at major retailers throughout the U.S.


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  • carcro profile image

    Paul Cronin 6 years ago from Winnipeg

    My luck I would forget what its for and spray my hair with it and go bald, lol. Interesting though, thanks for sharing.