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Purple, violet, wine or plum Bedroom Design Décor Ideas

Updated on November 4, 2014
Royal purple mirrored bedroom design
Royal purple mirrored bedroom design

Love the look of vibrant royal purple in your room? Or are you looking to create a more serene violet or lavender sanctuary? Looking to add a splash of richness in your space with classy plum bedroom accessories? Whatever your purple bedroom design style, the photos and décor ideas below will set you on the right track for creating the perfect purple bedroom for adults or teens.

Purple and brown bedroom design
Purple and brown bedroom design

Love the classy, royal look of purple but don't fancy having all your bedding, linen, lighting and most accessories in the same tones? Why not opt for a plum or grape colored feature wall or even paint all your walls in a deep calming purple color. This will add a deep richness to your bedroom without overpowering a small room with everything being the same color. With this option, you can be free to use your other favorite colors and add any complementary colors that match back well with purple, plum or lavender. Neutral tones even look excellent with deep purples or even light misty or dusty violets.

Note how the brown curtains and bedding in the photo above complement the purple bedroom theme beautifully. Black linen/bedding also looks incredibly striking, as do shimmery metallics and many shades of velvet. Play with different finishes for your furniture, including beech wood pieces, dark timbers or even a shiny white bed. Four-posters are wonderful also as they really add to the royal feel of the color purple. Coordinating throw rugs or bed runners in lighter shades or neutral fabrics also work well, and ornate or contemporary mirrors also add a great focal point or point of interest to a feature wall or dark colored painted room. A neutral bedhead or headboard looks fabulous against a dark feature wall too; make sure you make it something striking or interesting to look at so it will contrast with the big block of color. Same with the curtains; go for patterned material or a textured fabric to contrast with the smooth block of wall color.

Want to go for a more elegant, traditional feel but still have those gorgeous splashes of color? - choose a deep plum matching fabric for your curtains / drapes / window coverings and your bedspread / bedding. This is a great way to add continuity whilst still utilizing a fun theme color. With this kind of choice, keep your walls neutral, white or off-white / cream / beige, and set off the color splash with all white furniture and a classy, traditional light fitting. Keep your cushions and any other accents neutral as well to keep the focus on the deep purple bedding and curtains. This is a good option if you have a smaller room to work with - keeping the walls as white or light as you can will open up the space and not look as if it is closed in - your eye will also be drawn to the main features - the bed and the window or windows. In the second bedroom photo below, black accents have been used to set off the purple accessories, bedding and curtain fabtric... black accents like lamps, frames, chairs and cushions provide a very intense contrast against white walls or even white furniture if you have that already and wish to jazz it up - you don't always have to stick with white lamps and chairs just because your bed frame is white.

Think outside the square with your furniture, accessory and accent colors; it will make a world of difference to the finished room. Again in the second room design below, a darker rug has been used to fabulous effect. The third image below highlights how a darker striking rug and darker curtains really lift a room and provide that extra richness and dimension that a bedroom will sometimes lack when you decide to decorate in light plums, dusty pinks and lavenders. This is another instance where black accents like lamps really come in handy to add that correct level of contrast in a space.

Elegant royal purple bedroom design
Elegant royal purple bedroom design

Want the 'everything purple' look? If you want a striking bedroom, this is the way to go! Keep practically everything in the space a different shade of purple or plum. You can play it down or soften the look of the bedroom by using lighter shades or softer tones (like violet or lavender for your accessories for example) or by keeping a couple of things white, black or neutral, such as lamps / lampshades, vases, chairs or the side tables / nightstands. Hanging pictures, prints or artwork on the wall with also break up the color as well and add a bit of textured interest when sticking with variations of the one color. A purple or plum rug also adds a rich touch to a full purple bedroom.

And remember, your quilt / comforter / doona / duvet doesn't have to be entirely purple - there are fabulous linen designs around which feature purple alongside other accent colors or black and purple designs; staying away from a completely plain purple or lavender bedding set will help to add interest and stop the room from looking too boring or overdone with a single shade. Adding a theme will also create interest and texture - here they've used some asian / oriental inspired accessories and japanese style furniture. This adds a new dimension than the traditional royal inspired styles that deep purple is often seen with.

Here, white and silver have been used to stunning effect to create very sleek lines. The use of the simple yet striking white and silver toned bedroom furniture and the straight striped accent paint on the walls give a clean and sophisticated look. The flowy light purple curtains and the geometric canvas prints hung above the bed break up the harsh lines and the metallic light fitting works to give a pop of shimmer which plays up and matches well with the silver toned bed frame.

They have used the rug to great effect here as well ... it adds yet another shade of the same color but it doesn't clash with the lighter shades of purple fabtrics that have been used for the curtains, the seating, the quilt cover or the walls - notice how each different piece has been given a graduating tone? They all pull together and tone in extremely well though because they haven't used too many fussy bits and pieces or too many patterns. Keeping all the textures sleek and streamlined mean that all the elements blend together beautifully. This would be a very calming room for an older teen girl because it's elegant and pretty but not too dull because of the feature wall paint design, the fun light and the rug. This is really a great example of the use of graduated toning to give a bedroom a fun and interesting look.

Purple girly bedroom
Purple girly bedroom

Here is an example of a different block of color being added into a bedroom design by the use of a different feature wall color. This is a great choice for people who love the look of purple or plum but don't want to paint the walls purple as well but also don't want them to be plain white or off-white either. Even painting one wall as a feature wall behind the bed or opposite the bed (facing the foot of the bed) in a contrasting color will liven up a room. You can go as intense with the color choice as your desire - here a rich brown has been used for the feature wall behind the bed. If you're game and want something striking, a black feature wall can look intensely beautiful with the right headboard. You can tone in the cushions and a couple of other accessories to the wall color so that it doesn't look too out-of-place against the purple all around it.

If you choose a dark colored feature wall behind the bed head, opt for light colored lamps, and if you decide to paint the wall/s a lighter color (such as lavender, violet, light plum, cream/beige, grey, silver etc) then go with dark colored lamps (black, dark grey, brown etc) to provide a nice contrast against the wall.

This is another option for a feature wall in a purple bedroom design. In this room decoration, instead of a plain blocked feature wall in one color, a patterned and toned feature wall in shades of purple has been used to add some interesting texture to an otherwise plain room. This will work well if you have or plan to use simple or more plain bedding. Also, with this look it is best to keep the curtains / blinds neutral.

Silver or gray curtains look extremely striking, as do metallic or silver light fittings or lamps - the second picture on the right gives another example of metallic lighting / shades being used to add some sparkle to a purple room - silver contrasts wonderfully well with many shades of purple and wine colors.

In the third image below silver accents / artwork have been used to a very striking effect once again. They have also kept the bed soft and neutral, as well as the lamps to give scope for adding in bright patterned window coverings, cushions, throw and of course the centrepiece of this type of designing; the patterned walls.

Purple striped bedroom
Purple striped bedroom
Modern minimalist purple bedroom design
Modern minimalist purple bedroom design

This is a contemporary bedroom design to give you an idea of how beautifully striking purple and white look together. Pair your favorite purple bedding set with stark white furniture to give your bedroom a modern feel. This is a great choice for small bedrooms because white contemporary bedroom sets are not fussy, so they don't over clutter a smaller room.

This is an example of how lovely and serene lavender or light violet walls look. Paired with darker wooden furniture it can actually jazz up the lighter shades and make them look more noble and sophisticated as well instead of so subtle and soft. If you've decided on a dark bedroom furniture set or even a dark chunky bed on its own, it's a good idea to choose light colored curtains or blinds. You can liven up the lighter shade walls by adding a rich plum or patterned purple rug. And you can keep with the look of the light curtains by adding pastel bedding or light colored cushions.

In this bright design, hot pink and purple have been fused to create a fun teen room. Instead of painting the walls, purple and pink colored desks, bed, shelves, storage cupboards and bedding have been used with a striking finish.

Hot pink teen bedroom
Hot pink teen bedroom

Lavender and beech wood is a gorgeous combination when decorating younger girls rooms. White or lavender bedding and window coverings look very whimsical and softly comforting in a room with lavender walls and the light beechwood keeps it young and fresh - the darker and chunkier the wood is, the more mature and sophisticated the space usually appears. White accents look charming with the beech and lavender too, such as white shelving or storage on a painted feature wall. White lights and prints also look beautiful against the calming lavender background.

This gives you an idea of how you can jazz up a plain colored feature wall - hang framed prints or canvas artwork in a geometric pattern or simply three in a straight line to break up the solid wall color and create a point of interest behind the bed to anchor it. Keeping the cushions, lamps and bedding quite neutral is a good idea when jazzing up a feature wall with artwork - you want the focus to be on the fabulous wall rather than the bedding.

On the other hand, if you prefer to keep the walls a little bit more plain, a vibrant, detailed or textured linen set will jump out at you first when you walk into the bedroom and that will become the focal point of the room design instead. In the second design below, blue and green accent colors have been used to add splashes of brightness and interest to the otherwise almost all purple bedroom. Again, silver accessories have been used along with darker wood, as well as a lighter lamp against the dark wall again.

Lavender bedroom
Lavender bedroom

So hopefully that gave you some purple bedroom décor inspiration and unique ideas for designing a purple themed room. Here's a few purple bedroom accessories and décor items to get you started on a perfect purple bedroom...


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    • Medicadavline profile image

      Medica Ery Davline 

      5 years ago from United States

      Hai...the bedroom design is so beautiful, but I think not all bedroom suit with dark color such as purple or violet. It makes the room look smaller than the reallity

    • Arco Hess Designs profile image

      Arco Hess 

      5 years ago from Kansas City, Kansas

      Purple is by far my favorite color. All shades and hues related to it. I love it.

    • techygran profile image

      Cynthia Zirkwitz 

      5 years ago from Vancouver Island, Canada

      Hi Scarletquill99-- It is raining vigorously here so I enjoyed the tour through all the lush and regal purple bedrooms. You have a flair for interior design and decoration, and have given me ideas about jazzing up my own rather bleak bedrooms. I have always loved shades of purple, so who knows! Voted up, shared, and pinned. Hope you're blessed today, Cynthia


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