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Quality Country Braided Rugs for Sale

Updated on June 22, 2009

Country braided rugs are the beautiful creation of Country Braid House, a company located in Tilton, New Hampshire. The company has been dedicated in honoring and maintaining the New England tradition of rug braiding since the day they were founded in 1968. Country rugs are not cheap braided rugs by any means. Each rug is created with a quality wool material that is handcrafted by skilled craft makers specialized only in the braiding of colorful wool cloth. Each rug is a culmination of care and magnificent talent resulting in a beautiful work of art. The intricate hand lacing is carefully concealed within the braids so threads never show or become subjected to frequent wear and tear. The type of construction, material, and workmanship used in created each rug, provides each customer with a durable, long lasting product that is reversible and simple to clean and maintain.

Photo by Joe Bollinger @
Photo by Joe Bollinger @

Not Your Typical Round or Oval Braided Rugs

Although a braided rug is sometimes considered colonial in design, Country braided rugs can be created to custom fit or reflect a specific artistic style by simply selecting a modern shape or an interesting color combination. Standard sized round and oval braided rugs are now being replaced by modern shapes like hexagon, octalong, milti-cirlce, or three-circle which are contemporary in appearance. You can even customize a rug to fit whatever shape and size you need. When you combine a unique shape with carefully selected colors that match the design or color scheme of your home, the result is a modern piece of art that will easily become the focal point of your d├ęcor. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a unique braided rug for your home. You can use your imagination or pick out an existing color pattern or shape that already exists in your room. The right color combinations can work well with any shape rug even in the traditional shapes of oval or round braided rugs.

Wool Braided Rugs are the Best Quality Material

Wool braided rugs are stronger and more durable than any other carpet material including chenille and cotton brained rugs. Chenille braided rugs are more expensive to purchase because the material costs more than cotton or wool. Cotton braided rugs are also durable and beautiful but they have a different feel and appearance when compared to wool rugs. Country Braid House only uses new wool fabric for each of their rug creations. The handcrafting of each rug and the quality materials used are the reason why Country rugs are like no other when it comes to combining elegance and durability into their products. Country rugs come in many different sizes from around a couple of feet to as large as you need it. You can find Country rugs online. If you are looking for an interesting craft project consider learning how to make braided rugs at home. Online stores carry books and supplies that can guide you in the right direction.

Comparing Competitors Like Capel and Colonial Mills Braided Rugs

Capel braided rugs are a product of Capel rugs, a rug company located in Troy, North Carolina. The family owned company has been in business since 1917. Capel rugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. The materials used in the construction of Capel rugs are a combination of nylon, wool, rayon, acrylic, and other fibers. The rugs come in various shapes including cross sewn, concentric, rectangle, runner, oval, and round braided rugs in various colors combinations. Capel rugs are reversible and easily cleaned even with a shampooer if necessary. Unfortunately, Capel rugs cannot be special ordered or customized to fit your design or color scheme. You can find and purchase Capel braided rugs directly online.

Colonial Mills braided rugs are a creation of Colonial Mills Inc. CMI, Inc. is located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island with showrooms in Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Chicago as well. The company uses materials like 100% wool and wool blends, 100% chenille and chenille blends, cotton blends, synthetic fibers, eco-friendly fibers, and recycled fibers. The rugs come in various shapes including round, rectangle, square, octagon, slice, and oval braided rugs. Similar to Capel, CMI Inc. does not offer customization of rugs. They do however carry a wide selection of sizes, shapes, materials, and color combination to choose from. You can find Colonial Mills braided rugs for sale online at various outlets.


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