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Quality Tools For Laying Hardwood Flooring

Updated on December 21, 2009

If you want to get a new hardwood floor in your home, you have to get a hardwood floor nailer. Obviously, nails have a hard time penetrating hard wood, because of the density that its name implies. You absolutely have to make sure the nail is flush with the hardwood surface, to avoid problems later on.

Owning a hardwood nailing tool is an easy way to fix such problems when you are putting in a hardwood floor. In the case that you are putting a new floor in on top of another floor, you must ensure that the nails are even, and that you do not damage your new floor.

In order to lower the risk of damage to your hardwood floor and ensure that cracks do not appear, you have to make sure each nail is even with the last, and this can be hard to do when you are doing it on your own. Employing the correct device ensures that every nail is properly set so that you won't miss one, have overhanging nail heads, or bend the nails.

If you want your floor to look as if done by a professional, using professional tools is required for any type of floor, and using a pneumatic tool is the smartest choice you can make. Often there is a rubber mallet that comes with the nailer to help with the beginning learning curve. Some models have a preset nail setting ram to stop the possibility of a nail being driven in part way.

Now days the idea of just purchasing a hardwood floor nailer for regular use is common among professionals. Be sure to read the instructions for your model before trying to use it on another project to be sure that model can be used for sheathing and roofing jobs. Using the wrong tool could effect the work quality, cause an injury, and possibly keep anyone else from using your services.

You can use a hardwood nailer if need be on softer woods, though soft wood is seldom used for flooring, by making sure to test it on each kind of wood to know how much pressure is needed to put the nail completely in the wood.


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