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Quality Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Updated on July 15, 2009

Wooden jewelry boxes are a work of art in some cases and come in a choice or textures and finishes. Jewelry boxes can be finished in white ash, rosewood, cherry to mahogany, ebony, maple or walnut and a lot more besides. Dependent on where a jewelry box is built the wood is sourced from a variety of locations both home and abroad. Quality of craftsman, source of wood, and interior all helps in determining a price for these beautifully carved boxes.

Boxes come outfitted with exteriors of a high-quality wood combined with a lined interior of a soft velvet, suede or satin. Handmade wooden jewelry boxes offer a perfect place to store all those valuable items of jewelry in one safe and convenient spot. Soft linings ensure that no harm will come to all wears kept within.

Types of Jewelry Boxes

Wooden ballerina jewelry boxes are a common design style - crafted with a wooden top flip lid. Once a top lid is lifted up, a tune will be played in the background and a dancer in a ballerina pose will start to twirl.

If on the search for a exquisite box than look no further than one of the antique wooden jewelry boxes which are painstakingly constructed by master crafts person, and are now found to cost a pretty penny. The design and creation of handmade wooden jewelry boxes has result in high-quality boxes, all individually finished, with non-toxic materials to ensure a top quality sheen.

Jewelry boxes are created in a wealth of innovative designs and styles, with those divided into separate compartments, to those with lifting out trays, or other such designs to create a beautiful object. Jewelry storage boxes are there for those in need of a modern or contemporary design, to those wishing for a vintage box, to a whole host of designs and styles in between.

Alternatives to Wooden Boxes

An alternative to the wooden effect is that of the leather jewelry boxes - these soft jewel cases are perfect to store precious item if traveling is on the agenda or plans are in motion to venture out on some excursion away from home.

For that individual with competent do-it-yourself skills its often possible to pick up a detailed and comprehensive set of plans, illustrations, and patterns to hand craft a simple jewelry, keepsake, or trinket box to make a treasure gift for friends or family. A project of this size can often be completed within a single weekend of dedicated work.

If an avid collector of jewelry it will be well worth the expense to invest in one of the high quality wooden jewelry boxes to safe guard all those precious wears. Luxury boxes are available in a multitude of sizes, from the standard sized jewellery boxes to the bigger chests and tall-standing armoires.


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