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Qualiy Custom Home Builders

Updated on October 21, 2011

Quality Custom Builders

The good old days are gone, the housing bubble has burst and you need to find a good high quality custom home builder. Guess what, the quality builders are probably still in business, they did the same thing the rest of America did , they cut their budgets, closed their offices and started working from home again. They had to do this to be able to compete with the production type builders and to adjust to the lower margins customers were demanding. They still want to build your new home, they just can’t go out and buy that new truck or boat like they used to. You can now see the tears streaming down my face.

The trick is to finding a good quality home builder is check,inquire,ask, and then do it all over again. There a lot of good builders out there still, they are even easier to find now, you just need to do the proper research to locate them.

A good local resource is your local building materials supplier, they can supply you with a list of several builders they deal with and most of the time they even know a majority of the sub-contractors these same builders use, so ask them for both. I don’t mean asking Home Depot or Lowe’s, these suppliers provide a quality product and service, just in my opinion not to the custom home market, they are great for DIY projects. The local lumber yards usually just have a better one to one relationship with their builders and sub-contractors and will know the quality and reliability of both. Their sales people are out on the job sites fairly often, going over material take offs or giving dimensional data to the builder and or subs.



Talk to real estate agents, they also usually know a lot of builders although I can’t testify to the fact that they know much about the quality of their new homes. The sub-contractors are another great resource they actually know whether or not a builder has any idea of what they are doing or just in it for the money. They can tell you about their quality, knowledge, and some will even tell you how they pay their bills. This one is a dead give away, if they don’t pay their bills their sub turn over rate will be high and you can be assured their commitment to your home project will show poor performance and poor quality. The vendors that supply your finish products should also be questioned, toward the finishing of a new home these suppliers are spending more time with the home owner and builder trying to get all your appliances delivered and installed, they can tell you if everything seems to fit and give you little nuances about wiring and plumbing details.

If and when you do get a chance to talk to the sub-contractors, especially the residential framers and they complain that the builder is just picky, you have most likely chosen a winner. I am speaking from personal experience here, one home builder I used to complain about on every home we built, he is too hard to please, too picky, well I have to tell you, he was absolutely the most knowledgeable and competent builder I have ever worked for, he and his partner both had previous experience framing, interior trim and how to actually draw their own plans. In all the years I have known them, I have never heard one home owner complaint, they always finished their new homes on time and on budget.

These pictures represent a small sample of some of the new homes we used to frame, I hope to add even more example later, and by other builders. The new home above averaged 8,000sq.ft. to 15,000sq.ft., we also did the interior trim and some of the custom cabinets and roofing.

I would also ask that before you sign a contract with any home builder please read it carefully and pay close attention to your budget in the way of allowances. A lot of builders will give you a low allowance for cabinets, appliances, flooring, and lighting to get you to think you are getting a better deal when in actuality you will probably end up paying more . This a little trick I personally know that I have seen contractors do on more than one occasion, I think it is deceitful and should not be practiced. You should also make the home builder give you an exact finish date, you have to allow for acts of God ,such as weather, and basically anything not under their direct control, but other wise the date stands, and if they fail to complete your new home on schedule they pay the extra interest charges.

A good quality custom home builder will also use quality products such as premium high grade custom cabinets. The pictures above show the beginnings of custom built face frame cabinets. They are manufactured using A1 grade ¾ “ plywood and solid hardwood face frames, the cabinet doors are made of solid hardwood panels cut and machined to the style and size of the home owner ‘s choosing. There are literally hundreds of options on cabinet doors and drawer fronts, so be prepared to spend hours making your decision. There are only a few variations of drawers, but the highest quality are dove tail, and most high end cabinets will supply only dove tail. Sorry about getting part of our motley crew pictures in here , but I thought they deserved a little recognition .

In closing I hope you have found this informative and I hope your new home building project using a quality custom home builder will be a joyful experience.

List of General Contractors in Greater Charlotte,NC

General Contractor
Dwight Hunter Homes
Dwight hunter
P.O.Box 945 Waxhaw,N.C. 28173
Fairley Drake
2710 Austin chaney Rd. Monroe,N.C. 28110
Seth Starnes
Seth starnes
3318 Unity church Rd Lancaster,S.C.29720
508 Clover Leaf Rd. Marshville,N.C.28103
Fun Outdoor Living
4218 Old Monroe Rd. Indian Trail,N.C.28079
Timberstone Homes
7301 carmel Executive Park Ste#101 charlotte,N.C.28226
Trinity renovations
3028 Strawberry lane Matthews,N.C.28104
Michael Winn
3245 Savannah Hills Dr Matthews,N.C.28105
Toll Brothers
Marvin Creek
Trull Builders
1400 Trull Place Monroe,N.C.28110
Bonaterra Buildera
Dean, Darrin
5615 Potters Rd. Matthews,N.C.28104
Top Quality Builders
P.O.Box 27 Wingate,N.C.28174
Mi Homes
9335 Harris Corners Pkwy #100 Charlotte,N.C.28269
Scott Richard Stewart
P.O.Box 2318 Matthews,N.C.28106
3504 Cole Mill Rd. Charlotte,N.C.28270
Parker Orleans
700 Forest Pointe Circle Ste#102 Charlotte,N.C.28273
Premier Contractors
1102 technology Dr Ste D Indian Trail,N.C.28079
Holevas & Holton
Jimmy, Tommy, Billy
10033 Strike The Gold Lane Waxhaw,N.C.28173
Meeker Builders
1335 Reflections Dr Monroe,N.C.28112
Pulte Homes
11121 Carmel Commons Blvd. Ste450 Charlotte,N.C.28226
True Homes
2649 Breckonbridge center dr Monroe,N.C.28110
Kingswood Custom Homes
106 Oakley Ave Ste100 Pineville,N.C.28134
NCA of the Carolinas
P.O.Box 2591 Matthews,N.C.28106
Alan D. Little
8118 Concord Hwy Monroe,N.C.28110
Jimmy Wyles construction
P.O.Box 1072 Monroe,N.C.28111
Daniel Jordan
4724 Old Monroe Marshville Rd Marshville,N.C.28103
The Carolina Building Group
5810 Monroe Rd Charlotte,N.C.28212
Fine Line Construction
2440 Ramblewood Lane Charlotte,N.C.28210
MCT General Contractors
P.O.Box 337 Monroe,N.C.28111
Robert Eric Epps
517 Pacer lane Marvin ,N.C.28173
Don Daugherty
11235 Sam Furr Rd Huntersville,N.C.28078
It Home Improvements
4900 Hunters Bluff monroe,N.C.28110
Allison's Custom Construction
1317 Helms Shortcut Rd Monroe,N.C.28112
2258 W.Roosevelt Blvd Monroe,N.C.28110
Ratliff Builders
7010 Valley View Ct Matthews,N.C.28104
Mike Lee construction
4771 Homestead Pl Weddington,N.C.28104
R S Framing
4317 red Hook Rd Monroe,N.C.28110
Perception Builders
115 West Arch St Lancaster ,S.C.29720
T K Brownw Construction
P.O.Box 44433 Charlotte,N.C.28215
Kinterra Group
7708 Farmbrook Dr Waxhaw,N.C.28173
Southern Builders Of York County
521 E.White Rock Hill,S.C.29730
Ron Medlin Construction
439 Laurel Valley Shalotte,N.C.28470
Arcadia Homes
P.O.Box 471941 Charlotte,N.C.28247
John Wieland Homes
8325-D Arrowridge Blvd. charlotte,N.C.28273
Edison Foard
P.O.Box 19888 Charlotte,N.C.28219
E&L Builders
1001 E. W.T.Harris Blvd. charlotte,N.C.28213
MJM Custom Homes
1901 Smarty Jones Dr waxhaw,N.C.28173
Regent Homes
2125 Southend Dr Ste 353 Charlotte,N.C.28203
Tyson Homes
5316 Griffith Rd Monroe,N.C.28112
persis-Nova Builders
Frank Arooji
3919 Pleasant Plains Rd Matthews,N.C.28105


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    • profile image

      Chris 6 years ago

      I've just started getting estimates for a small kitchen remodel, everything except cabinets, and your info is enlightening. Keep it coming.

    • Dave Framer profile image

      Dave Framer 6 years ago

      WannaB thanks for reading my article,I hope you got some insight into theconstruction industry

    • WannaB Writer profile image

      Barbara Radisavljevic 6 years ago from Templeton, CA

      Thanks for supplying solid information from an insider's point of view.