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Quesadilla Maker

Updated on July 22, 2009

A Quesadilla Maker offers a fun, quick, and convenient method of baking a multitude of favored quesadilla recipes - all in the comfort of a home kitchen in just four or five minutes. These nifty kitchen appliances are easy to operate. It’s a simple process of loading a full-sized tortilla with a choice of fillings, such as salsa, shredded cheese, barbecued chicken, vegetables or poultry, than close the lid, allow to heat, and there you have it - a delicious snack in minutes.

A quesadilla recipe can offer a versatile, low-cost, and quick meal or snack for those short on time.  Recipes can easily be found from a multitude of sources, simply delve into the manual that comes with the electric tortilla maker or acquire a dedicated cookbook with 100's of fresh, fast and festive meal and snack ideals, such as tomato olive quesadillas, tortilla snowflakes, or smoked salmon triangles.

The Santa Fe Quesadilla is a popular series and comes in two designs - the QM2R 900-watt & QM2SFR - all complete with a 'ready light', non-stick cooking plate, steam guard, a quick food release, built-in drip tray, and measures in a 12 x 12 x 6 or 13.5 x 6.2 x 13.5 inches. These Salton quesadilla maker is able to accommodate tortillas at 10" - 12" inches in diameter, with handles that remain cool for extra safety in handling, all to deliver a mouthwatering, flavor-rich meal.

VillaWare, El Paso, Oyster, and Monterry Series also design and manufacture a series of countertop quesadilla makers and accessories to experience a warm tortilla easily and quickly at home. Accessories include a tortilla and flatbread maker and non-stick bowls.

Cleaning a quesadilla is often a case of giving a wipe down with a clean sponge or damp cloth in view of its nonstick coat, and after use, these compact appliances can be conveniently stored in a vertical position, thus more counter space, for ease in storability.

With a quesadilla maker to hand, and the ideal sized tortilla or wrap all filled with cheese and salsa, as well as some vegetables - quesadillas can be baked without difficulty in minutes. A quality kitchen appliance that can soon turn into an indispensable part of food preparation for a quick and easy homemade snack in the comfort of home. In addition to making quesadillas in minutes, these tortilla makers can also be used to prepare fajitas, omelets, soft tacos, and more.


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