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Quick tip for saving money on the purchase of your first home

Updated on October 25, 2009

If your considering purchasing a new home here is a quick way to save some extra cash. Try to find the home you are looking for on your own (I'll explain why next paragraph). Either through MLS or even just by taking a drive around an area you want to live in and look for real estate signs.

After you have found a home you would like to view contact the seller's real estate agent directly. Say you are interested in the home and set-up a meeting.

If you are interested in the home inform the real estate agent that you are currently not represented by a real estate agent and state that he/she may represent you in the purchase of this home. What this will do is instantly allow your new real estate agent to double the commission he/she will receive on the sale of the home.

9 out of 10 times the real estate agent will push for your offer to be accepted and/or pass on some additional savings to the sellers. This creates incentive for all parties involved to accept your offer. Your low offer :)


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