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Quote Sheet Sample for Cleaning Service Business

Updated on August 2, 2012

Quote Sheet Sample for Cleaning Service Business


(Sample Page only)

Date January 2011

Company Name: ABC Janitorial Services 267 Park Lane Drive LA, CAL 90000

PHONE: 955-567-9999

FAX: 955-567-9991

E-mail address:_____________________________

Proposal for cleaning contract to:

Company Name: Don's Hardware

Store Address: 8899-B Oak St, LA, CAL 90000

Phone: 955-567-3782 Fax: 955-567-1100

E-mail address:

Actual Address of Cleaning Location:________________________________

(if different than mailing address)

Cleaning Contract Amount as follows

Monthly Regular Cleaning Service Charge:

Total $ amount for monthly: $ 1,600.00

State Tax: $ 66.67

Other charges and taxes $ 0

Sub total charges $ 1,666.67

12 For yearly Total charges x 12 months: $ 20,000.04

Holidays Observed: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Memorial Day, New Years, Labor Day, etc. (If cleaning day falls on these days, we will either replace it with another day if requested by the customer. If not, it will be observed without changing the total amount shown above).

Note: Total amount includes all cleaning solutions, tools, equipment to perform the cleaning service provided as listed on the following Cleaning Schedule. (Exception: Paper, liners, hand soap and etc) Cleaning Schedule (or attached).

We will provide a regular cleaning service on your property during these hours: Monday through Friday after business hours.

We will do following work schedule:

Daily emptying trash receptacles. Daily vacuuming of carpeted floors. Daily dust mop and damp mop hard floors. Daily reload all papers, liners, hand soaps, seat covers and etc. Daily clean restrooms.

Other detail items will be listed upon request when providing details on a contract.

Other special cleaning service such as strip & wax, carpet cleaning service will be provided upon request after a quotation has been approved.

** Following items can be attached with your quote sheet/proposal or state that you will provide following items upon request.

1: References: 3 or more references should be provided.

2: Copy of liability insurance.

3: Company brochure: Introduction to your company.

Thank you for your consideration,

Please give me a call, for more detail or for a contract.

James Smith (Owner/manager)______________________________________(Signature)

Date: _____________________

Note: This proposal is good for 30 days from this date. Printing tip: Please block only the area that you want to print.


Free sample editable quotations (Regular and One Time Special Services) pages-download them at:


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