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Rain Shower Head Myth

Updated on May 25, 2014

Modern Bathroom

Newly remodeled bathroom shower with rain shower head and hand mount.
Newly remodeled bathroom shower with rain shower head and hand mount.

Biggest Myth - Water Pressure

Having recently renovated a bathroom, all concerns of changing the shower head have been addressed. The biggest question and myth was water pressure. Is a rain shower head going to be the same as a traditional shower head? The answer is no, of course not. However the mechanics or operational designs are different. The water per gallon measurement of course will play a part as well. A traditional shower head operates with a pressure mechanism which pushes the water at you forcefully. A rain shower head operates with water pressure and gravity. The individual holes are designed to drop soothingly with big raindrops of water over your skin. The large water drop design will rinse the shampoo and cream rinse out of your hair without possibly doing damage to your scalp. If you or someone in your family has sensitive skin, a rain shower head will be noticeable.

Rate Your Shower Head

3 out of 5 stars from 11 ratings of How do you rate your shower head?

1. Decide Your Style

There are many options available to change the traditional shower experience from a quick in and out, to a soothing and relaxing experience. The styles, shapes, and sizes are vast, as well as price variations. Some installations are fairly simple and others are more extensive. The composite from chrome to brass, and the finish brushed stainless steel to satin nickel and everything in between is widely available. Rain shower head prices can be found for as low as $10.00 to what ever your imagination wants. By installing a new rain shower head, a bathroom can be updated quickly and rather inexpensively.

Shower head with hand shower

If you are contemplating an upgrade in your shower with minimal cost, an addition of a hand shower is a must. If children, seniors, or animals are part of your life now or in the future you can recognize the benefits of a hand shower. A hand shower is the most needed tool for a permanent disability person, or a short term medical issue. If the animals in your life are bathed in house a hand shower is the easiest way to go. Attached is an example of a rain shower head with a hand shower in the most popular bathroom chrome finish. This particular rain shower head can be installed utilizing your current plumbing and requires no destruction of your walls.

Multiple Function Shower Heads

For a more traditional look, the oil rubbed bronze provides an optimal choice. The multiple functions that can be provided with rain shower heads, are a very good option for more choices in a home. Usually included in the multiple function is the concentrated rinse. For the traditional pressure of a standard shower head this function can be used. There are a wide range of possibilities available for the type and amount of spray desired. For a family with multiple wishes and needs the muli function feature can be just what you need.

How To Install

2. Installation

Although most shower heads manufactures claim to easy installation are true, the recommended allotted time is wrong.A couple of items worth mentioning are; make sure you have thought out and designed your lay out . A new shower arm may be needed or an extension length piece of pipe. Also ensure you have pipe dope and sealer. Also if your shower is currently leaking just replacing your shower head probably won't fix the problem. If there is a leak in our bathroom or kitchen for that matter, should be fixed immediately. Water is one of the most destructible elements known, and can quickly do damage. If a professional is needed this would be the time to call.

Water Saving Device

Water Saver Device

There are many variables that can affect the water pressure of your shower head. Although 8 inch rain shower heads are the most common used to just replace a current shower head they are still a little small if you want the full effect of the soothing rain drops. 16 inch or larger rain shower heads require a higher water volume to function properly. Another variable is the number of holes on the shower head, the fewer the holes the higher the pressure. If after installation the water pressure is not at par, the water saver device can be removed. Usually the water saving device drops the water pressure considerable. Please note removing or altering the new shower head will affect your warranty

Tell Us What You Think

How do you prefer your water pressure?

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Gallons Per Minute

The final and most important feature of a rain shower head or any shower head for that matter is the gallons per minute measurement. 7 gpm is the most common flow you will find on older shower heads, and the current water saving models is 2.5 gpm’s. The larger the number of gallons per minute the more water pressure you will receive.

Average Usage


7 gallons per minute Standard Usage

2.5 gallons per minute Water Saving Usage


28-36 gallons for full tub Standard Usage

14-18 gallons for 1/2 tub Water Saving Usage

Running faucet

3 gallons per minute Standard Usage

2 to 2.5 gallons per minute Water Saving Usage

Washing machine

40-55 gallons per load Standard Usage

18-25 gallons a load Water Saving Usage

Advance Features

If a modern upgrade is wanted, depending on the budget there are many choices available. It is not unreasonable to have LED lighting, or Bluetooth speakers included in your rain shower head. When looking at the advance feature of LED lighting the power source is usually the water pressure itself and the noise level should be noted. If it does not say quiet in the special features, keep in mind the noise level may be higher than you desire. There are many different choices available with LED Lighting, however they mostly operate the same. If you have multiple colors available they generally work off of water temperature. Cold being blue, warm being yellow or green, and red being hot. This are not all colors available, its and example of how it works.


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    • profile image

      Karl uk 

      3 years ago

      I've seen so many snake oil shower heads for sale on amazon and ebay

      they claim to boost water pressure in low pressure houses

      what a joke on people who just don't understand.

      they claim things like a shower head with a small hole in the handle where the hose fits will increase pressure

      it will but not in the right place

      pressure will build up before the small hole and flow slower after it in to the head and jets

      they are nothing more than water savers

      it's better to have full pressure right up to the head jets and if you want to save water or have a high pressure shower then close off some of the jets, most heads can do this by turning the head

      the sellers claims are like saying a hosepipe can have more pressure and go further if you stand on it

      no you put a finger over the end, pressure at the right place

    • roob profile image


      4 years ago from United States

      A rain head on the ceiling of your shower is not an easy installation unless you are remodeling and have the walls and ceiling open. If not the walls will have to be torn open, hole drilled in ceiling (Hopefully it isn't tile lol). To put it simply... not easy at all.


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