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Rain rain go away come again another day

Updated on May 27, 2017
Rain rain go away come again another day.
Rain rain go away come again another day.

Rain, Rain go away come again another day

Rain sometimes can be limitless, it can also put a damper on your mood. Now think about the title of this post. What does the title of this post remind you of? When I first wrote the title down, I didn’t realize what it reminded me of and then I looked at it, more closely. It reminds me of an old song that I learned as a child, I think it was part of the song “the old man is snoring”. But that is not the basis of this post. The basis of this post is when you wake up in the morning and it is dreary, or go to bed even what about leaving a building? What is the first thought that crosses your mind? Does it depend on the day, or what you are doing, that affects your mood? I know that there are a number of different people, which are affected by the weather.

Does rain affect you in any way? Yes or No? Do you enjoy the rain, or does it make you feel tired and dreary? Some people like the rain because they find it calming, hearing the water come down and seeing it steadily hit the ground. Others might not, especially if you have arthritis or fibromyalgia then you probably won’t like the rain. If people’s bodies are affected in a way by weather it is usually rain and cold that affects it, not the heat but some people are affected by all types of weather. What are arthritis and fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and tenderness in localized areas. Arthritis is a form of joint disorder that involves inflammation in one or more joints in the body. These disorders are commonly affected when it’s dreary rainy and cold. When it is rainy and cold your muscles cease up which in turn makes them tighter.

People that have, these issues. Don’t like the rain or cold because they are constantly in pain, and who likes to be in pain when the weather changes, or constantly in pain? This all depends on how severe your fibromyalgia is or how severe your arthritis is. Fibromyalgia and arthritis usually flare up when it rains, or when it gets cold. This is because your muscles tend to seize up more so in that type of weather. Where I live, today it is very dreary, and threatening to rain. I can feel it and it’s not just going to sprinkle it’s going to pour.

You are probably thinking how do I know this right? Well at the age of seven I was in a car accident and in this accident I fractured my right shoulder. So now I have arthritis in my shoulder, which means when it rains or gets really cold my shoulder will act up. If it’s not so bad my shoulder will just be sore, but when it is really bad the pain will start from the back of my neck and move down. That is when I know there will be a big storm. When you can feel that there is a huge storm coming, and you are in a lot of pain the only thing you want to do is not move, and wait for it end.

Rain and its effect on humans some get uncontrollable pain from headaches
Rain and its effect on humans some get uncontrollable pain from headaches


Rain not only affects your body it also affects plans that have to do with outside, and everyone hates having to change their plans. Rain, for the most part, makes people tired and gets them in a mood where doing things takes ten times more effort. Since there is no vitamin D when it rains, our bodies don’t like that. We live by getting using the sun and rain as a type of medicine in a sense so we don’t always have to take pills. If it rains a lot there is going to be a lot of people who don’t get the right amount of vitamin D in order to function properly. That is another huge reason why the rain is not such a good thing.

Not that it is not good for plants, and grass but people, for the most part, don’t like it because they enjoy the sun rather than the gloomy weather that the rain brings. DO you agree? It has rained almost every day where I live for the past few weeks and I hate it, but today is the worst of it, and it’s not even raining yet. People with muscle problems, as I have mentioned above don’t like the rain because they are always in pain, and the more pain you are in the harder it is to get things done. That is why people with those problems don’t like the rain, I included. When it rains all you want to do is stay in bed or curl up on the couch with a good book or the television on not doing anything but relaxing and trying to forget that it is raining. Do you enjoy the rain or can you live without it?

Rain can sometimes be limitless depending on where you live or what time of year it is but who likes that? The rain makes arthritis come out tenfold because it is so blah, that nobody wants to get out of bed and move. Yes, I said the rain can make people feel blah which means you are just not yourself because the gloom drains anyone's energy level it's not bright and uplifting. So when it rains all people want to do is stay in bed or do nothing for a limitless amount of time until the rain goes away and the sun comes out to brighten the day.

For example when it rains, where I live I can feel it in parts of my body because I have arthritis and I just don't feel like moving because I don't want to be in pain. So when it rains I wish it away so that I can be out of pain as fast as possible and more awake because the rain makes me want to sleep constantly because I am a sun worshiper and have more energy with it than without it.

Rain is good for plants and crops outdoors
Rain is good for plants and crops outdoors

Rain is no fun

Rain comes for the most part in limitless amounts when it does come. When it comes for days on end, it feels limitless and most of us don't like it. Since with the rain, it is always gloomy and we all need the sun to live a happy and healthy life, so the longer the sun isn't around the more we feel out of sorts and cranky. Rain can put anyone in a limitlessly foul mood because it is not something that we normally have and it stops us from doing things outside when we want to. That is why we get cranky, but we have to remember that we need rain in order for the plants outside to grow. That is one of the only good things about the rain.

Do you enjoy the rain? Let's discuss in depth.

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    • tajoo profile image

      Syeda Akhtar 2 years ago from Shenynag, China

      I love rain all sort of rain; light rain, heavy rain or even storms, every summer I rush outside when it rains and enjoy it.

    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 2 years ago from Ontario

      I just want one day where it doesn't rain

    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 2 years ago

      I am in California and we will take your rain if you don't want it!

    • eugbug profile image

      Eugene Brennan 2 years ago from Ireland

      I don't mind heavy torrential rain showers in the summer, when the sun comes out afterwards and dries everything up, but I can't stand dark, grey, gloomy days. It really puts a dampener on the desire to do anything. I would like some rain now though, because unusually it hasn't really rained for about a month, and all the flower beds in my garden are drying up!

    • yalul profile image

      Yalul 2 years ago from Philippines

      Somehow I love the rain. But not storms and typhoons, just light rain. You're right, it's probably because it's calming.