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Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Updated on May 27, 2016

General advice.

Growing your own organic vegetables in a raised bed is the easiest and one of the most productive ways of growing vegetables in your garden. Raised beds are readily available from garden centres or DIY stores or you can if you have good practicle skills make them from sourced timber.

Raised beds add another dimension to your garden.

These raised bed boxes are really easy to make or can be bought from a garden supplier.
These raised bed boxes are really easy to make or can be bought from a garden supplier. | Source

Growing vegetables in a raised bed garden is one of the easiest methods that you can choose. If you have made the change and gone over to growing your vegetables by organic methods then starting with a raised bed is the one method where you can increase your chances of success.

Some people are very lucky like myself that can turn part of their garden into a vegetable growing area. Whether you can will depend on your circumstances and the amount of space that you have. Many gardeners prefer to grow just flowers because of the amount of time it takes to look after new growing vegetables so just don't bother.

Growing vegetables takes time and patience and a certain amount of skill and good weather thrown in. Time is very often a reason given has an excuse for not growing vegetables, however if your at work throughout the day and have limited space a good way of compromising is to look at raised vegetable gardens.

Some people are starting to grow vegetables for the very first time, this may have been forced upon them by the spiralling cost of fresh fruit and vegetables. Choosing a raised bed to start is a clever idea and it is a pretty contained way of seeing if you like it or not. You can have one raised bed for flowers and another for fresh vegetables it is entirely up to you.

The size of the raised bed you choose needs to fit in with the remainder of your plot so do a few measurements. You can easily build a first frame out of old timber you have lying around, so there's no reason to keep putting it off.

This method is suitable for growing most types of vegetables. A raised vegetable area can often be accommodated even in the most tidiest of gardens where just flowers are grown.

A rectangular box is placed in the chosen spot and filled with soil and some general compost, this can be obtained from your nearest garden centre if you do not keep your own composting container. Spread some compost and mix in with the soil this will give the vegetables the maximum chance of turning into a good crop. Careful watering will also be required particularly while the plants are young.

Another method of growing vegetables in raised areas is to put more soil and compost into an existing vegetable growing bed and raise it up so it is higher than the surrounding soil. This way gives good drainage to the vegetables and allows you to keep adding more soil and compost each year. This gives a rich concentrated plot of soil that you can use all year round.

Growing vegetable in a raised bed this way gives you and your family the chance to have freshly grown vegetables all year round. Your local garden centre will be able to help you with this choice, either by asking what to plant where and when or by just reading the back of the packet, as most packets contain the information that you will need.

Watch the Video to see How easy it is to Make a Raised Bed Garden.

Even Small Gardens can Thrive with the right Plants.

A small raised bed that will fit nicely into a corner of your yard.
A small raised bed that will fit nicely into a corner of your yard. | Source

A Healthier way to Grow Vegetables

I f you suffer from a bad back or another reason that you find it difficult to bend, then having a raised vegetable bed in your garden will allow you to keep some interest. Raised beds are perfect for this cause.

You can have a raised bed almost any height providing the structure is secure enough, some gardeners even make them from brick- you may require some help if you plan to do this so ask a local builder to give you some advice.

Once built a raised bed should last quite a few years, providing your family with enough vegetables to help them grow. Your bed should be set out so that the vegetables are ready to be picked on a weekly basis, so plant them weekly in rows.

Try to get your children involved in the planting and they are much more likely to keep watering the growing vegetables once the seeds have started to grow. You can easily put together a small raised box for them to grow radish's in or something else they like.

A lot of people who live in a small house or flat/ apartment have little or no garden and by having a box that sits in the window or doorway just to grow some tomato's in or a few herbs can be beneficial to them. You do not need to have a huge space, a small balcony is ideal to put a raised bed on, particularly if the sun shines on it throughout the day.

I would strongly recommend buying a raised box that has been pre-treated and easy to assemble, some are advertised below so there's no reason to wait, go check them out.

Window Boxes are a great place to grow herbs or salad vegetables.

Window boxes don't always need to be made of wood. Mix summer planting in with some herbs or one or two small vegetables.
Window boxes don't always need to be made of wood. Mix summer planting in with some herbs or one or two small vegetables. | Source

Window Boxes.

Organic Window Boxes.

If you live in a small home with little or no garden you can still actively enjoy your plants and a few well chosen organic vegetables by utilising space with window boxes. These are quite easy to make if your a practical person or you can buy them ready to plant up from your local garden centre or supplier.

The structure doesn't have to be made of thick heavy materials like the raised bed, there isn't going to be a lot of weight in your window box. I 've seen them made from wood, plastic and metal so buy one or two that is in keeping with your home.

Try putting a selection of fresh herbs in your window box, these will do really well on a sunny side of the house or even on the shed or garage wall.

Salad vegetables are really easy to grow from seeds. They will do well in a garden box or window box, mix spring onions with radishes and a few herbs for a great looking box that is easy to maintain. Once your vegetables are finished plant something else in their place, summer goes on quite a while when you have good organic soil, a sunny position and they are watered regularly.

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