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Random Visions, And Connected Thoughts In Mark Time. Part 15. May God Bless Our World.

Updated on April 15, 2011

Random Visions, And Connected Thoughts In Mark Time. Part 14. May God Bless Our World.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Roses And Twilight's In Radiant Spheres Of Astra Ballistics.

The Phil more Dungeons Of Valley Up.

The Coming Of The Lord.

The Juristic Equations Of Jacking Stiles.

Vinyl Technology in Rhythm Form.

The Cystic Of Numbers Classic.

Vanning The Bill Steads In The Wooden Box.

Dungeons And Trauma tics.

Flying In Rhapsody Forming Sprees Of Gunther's.

Tumultuous Clouds Of Lightning Swirls.

Radiant Glasses Of Vice Tips.

Paramount Forms Of Grease Lightening.

The Million Zack's Of Simeon's Con.

The Prolapse Of Burgundy Brown Teasels.

Blizzards Of Money Range.

Tycoon Zionisms.

Vandalism Mans reels.

Silos Van Wither spoon's Tilly Ways.

Misuse Loss Nazism Close.

Dirty Miss Hell Fire Of Benny Town Gauls.

Piety Of Construe.

Some Of It All Went There Too.

The Calm Of The Silent House.

Bat In The Attic.

The Mortal Film Festival Of Gwendolyn Rising.

Catastrophic Leagues Of Vanishing Winston Hellish Ways.

Blows Of Ridden Pails.

Calls Of The Church House Loves.

Baptist Love In Hearts Growing Smiles.

Path mires And Astra Physics Of Genotypes In

Physics Calling.

Mathematics Rising.

The Science Of Burnt Hydraulics.

Silo Con So Mi

The Dons Of Golly Mites.

It Can Be Real From Time.

The Bitterness Rant.

Chilling Fever.

Flannel Skirts.

Topside Up Down Town Jacket Marks.

Mylo Finds Of Bil es Of Wards.

Chimney Sweeps In The Good Times Of Cherry hearts.

The Monet Of The Art World.

Alexanders Of Spoils And Sports Times.

London Trio Of Organisms And Stylish Methods.

The Wonders Of Capital Film Chores And Glistens.

Bouncing The Vanes Of Ill Forms.

Cotton Candy Stylish Mays.

Tombs Of Rustic Wash Rooms.

The Patterns Of Niles Mandel.

The trims Of Halogens And Torn Tombs.

Glory Of The Winds Of still Fine Waters And Simeon Fragrances Of Climatic Factors.

The Systematic Dolls Of Hearts Grown Thin.

Crying For My Baby Becky's Heart In The Race Of Smiling Tears.

The Swelling Of The Lungs Of The Partridge Tree.

The Minus Factors.

The Reels Jack Winds.

The Nylon Fantasy Jolts

The Bolt en Lava Of Confidences Grown Cold.

The Spiritualist Menaces Of Trophy Wines.

The Lanterns Of Beasts In Horrid Time.

The Collapse Of The Heart Ticking Gone By.

The Darts In The Brains Of Glyn Cots Mind.

The Wylie's Of The Dark Letter Board Styles.

The Vanishing Hoards Of Kinsmen Still Fringing Neighbors Calls.

The Stradivarius Demons in Direct Autonomy lights.

The Chills In Rice Farms.

The Killing Fields Of Vietnam.

The Blots Of Black Saddened souls.

The Bottom Of Hell Riding The Light Waves.

The Heave Of Freedom Forgiving Souls.

The Talents Of Finding Stratospheres.


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    • stars439 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear Phoenix: It Is Nice Of You To Visit Precious Heart. God Bless You.

    • Poohgranma profile image


      7 years ago from On the edge

      Incredible, your score is up to 90!!! It almost makes me sad though because you have always written beautiful and imaginative hubs and it should have been there and higher and stayed there all along. Well, just please don't forget to tell us about you and your family and the yellow birds in the middle of all of these random and connected thoughts too. I miss hearing how you are all doing.


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